Monday, February 10, 2014

Runes 401 - Rune Rituals - Othala

This was an entirely unplanned event - a ritual around Othala.  In fact, I was going to try something new in the bind Rune series, but as I drew the Runes, I realized that they were showing me something that is, in fact very old... Othala.  This Rune represents the homestead, inheritance, even family.  As I drew three more Runes - Sowilo, Mannaz, and Laguz, I realized the Runes were painting a picture for me, so I decided to paint a picture using these Runes, while telling the story.

I preface this by assuring you that I am not a painter, nor do I have aspirations to be that type of artist, but I will share this image with you and hope that you will appreciate the story and go easy on the art.  In fact, the point of this ritual is the story.

Here is the picture I painted during the ritual:

And here is the story it tells:

Othala is our foundation; it represents our family.  In this story, it goes even a step further, a step deeper to signify the human species.  It shelters us, which is why Mannaz is placed directly underneath of it, so that we may appreciate our place of shelter and all that it protects.  Our shelter is built of earth and gives our family a place to gather without threat.

While our world is built of earth (and is Earth), two other elements support our life force - sun and water in the forms of Sowilo and Laguz, which is why they are on either side of Mannaz and almost appear to physically support Othala.  Sowilo is the sun that empowers us through the energy it provides not just for us, but for our food and all other life forms on the planet.  We also need water, another basic necessity for life, which Laguz gives us.  Laguz nourishes us, cleanses us and serves as primary means of transport.

To complete our story, I was compelled to paint a white circle around this image.  On the simplest of levels, the circle can represent the protection of our family and our home.  On another simple level that has become complex, it can symbolize our atmosphere, which locks in everything we need to live our lives on Earth, including the air we breathe.  It is white, because it is subtle, barely visible, but without it, we would not be here.  Within that lies the complexity of how we care for Earth as our home and not just our dwelling as our home.

As I painted the circle, I simply breathed deeply and realized that what I had done through this painting and story telling ritual was to create an image that, for me, is humans' existence on Earth and that Othala affords us the daily comfort we need to survive, but that there is so much energy around it from Laguz and Sowilo, that we live among many luxuries, like creativity and love, which we don't always embrace or share widely enough.  Therein lies my original goal - trying something new - by embracing and sharing the love and creativity that surrounds us.


  1. That was awesome. My slightly different interpretation would have been Home shelters man home is love and light.
    On a slightly different note, what is the deal with runes being banned on facebook. Have you heard of this.

  2. As soon as i saw the image my interpretation was similar. Othala or home, consists of Man Love and light.

    On a different topic, have you heard about Facebook banning use of the runes? I know why they may have an attack over Sigel but the rest?

  3. I am aware of the incident on facebook. I considered doing something about it, but hadn't decided when this ritual showed itself and focused on Othala anyway. I guess the Runes knew what they wanted me to say in support of Othala's true meaning and intention.