Monday, February 3, 2014

Runes 403 - Runes Interpretations - Return of Light

All week I've been thinking that I wanted to do something related to the sun and the increasing daylight hours in the northern hemisphere.  At the last minute, I balked at the idea and, instead, asked the Runes what they would like me to talk about. 

The first Rune I drew was Sowilo, the sun Rune.  So,okay; it looks like I was on the right track; the Runes want me to write about the return of light too.  The specific focus of its return seems to be on us as individuals and what we can do to be kind to ourselves.  This gives the "Return of Light" almost a double meaning.  The first is obvious - increased daylight.  The second is more personal - shedding of a dark mental or emotional time and how we can embrace sun's returning energy and allow it to help us lift ourselves into its light.

Interestingly, the next Rune I drew was Perthro, which, in this instance, seems to focus on the self - you - rather than the group or social gathering.  Even though Perthro tends to be about forming bonds of friendship by engaging in games or sharing a drink (some sort of social encounter), this time, in this draw, it looks at a deeper issue of being happy and makes us look at whether we are happy with ourselves.  We cannot form true bonds of friendship (or any relationship) if we are not doing something to fulfill ourselves separate from our relationships to others.  We must be happy with ourselves and/or have something in our own lives that makes us happy as individuals so that when we engage with others we can do it wholeheartedly.

When I pulled Nauthiz as the last Rune, I paused and asked for clarification.  Drawing Mannaz in response to my clarification request assured me that our focus should be on ourselves right now.  Nauthiz is the Rune of need.  In essence, it restricts our options and forces us to make tough choices.  Let's use a few cliches to make the point - When push comes to shove, when backed into a corner or when our back is against the wall what do we do?  We make those tough choices and generally come out the better for doing it.  There is something that we need for ourselves, so that we can make the most of Sowilo.

The message in this draw has clearly been that light is returning, we need to make the most of it and we need to do that by focusing on ourselves and doing what we need for ourselves to be happy.  That can definitely put us in a position where we have to make tough choices.  However, in this instance, I think the choice is positive - doing something for ourselves.  It may not always be easy, but it is necessary, because it affects not only our mental and emotional state, but those around us.

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