Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Runes 402 - Rune Dialogues - Struggle

We all deal with a struggle at some point in our lives.  Some are big and some are small.  Sometimes the small ones pile on top of each other and can feel like a big one.  For me it's the time of year.  The end of July to the end of August is a tough time of year for me for personal reasons and I find myself struggling more than any other time of the year.  The bright side is that, once September arrives, I hit a productive time that lasts more or less through the end of the year.  Although my period of struggle is nearly over, the last month to six weeks has been more of a struggle than usual, so I turned to the Runes and asked them for guidance to get me through the next week or so.

Me:  I am having a really hard time right now.  What guidance can you offer to help me approach this struggle?

Runes:  When this year started, you chose the Rune that can help you.  You chose Thurisaz for its power.  That power can overcome the angst you're having right now.

Me:  Thank you for that reminder.  Right now, I am not sure how to harness that power to move me forward.

Runes:  Raido can help you on your journey.  Your journey actually requires you to focus that power so that you can move forward.

Me:  I appreciate what you're saying, but I am feeling very overwhelmed by everything that is required of me, all that I have to do before I have any time to do what I really want to do.

Runes:  You must find time to do the things that make you happy.  You were not intended to live a life without it.  Wunjo reminds you of that importance.

Me:  I am confused.  Are you telling me to do what makes me happy and forsake that which doesn't?

Runes:  No.  It is something to strive for though.  Remember your guiding Rune - Jera.  It is the Rune of the year, a complete cycle, which can represent balance.  Perhaps the best way to avoid or minimize these struggles is to find a balance that allows you to consistently engage in the things that you want to do for yourself.

Me:  In other words, when I am going through a struggle, if I focus on doing something for myself regularly, that will help?

Runes:  When you focus some of your power on the things that are fulfilling for you, it can make the things that weigh you down more bearable.  If you focus on them long enough, your struggle will lighten and things will become clear again.  That is the message Dagaz gives you.  The day Rune symbolizes the return of a lighter time in the cycle of your year.

Me:  So, you are saying that I need to set aside time to do the things that I enjoy for myself?  Part of my struggle is that my other responsibilities eat into that time and when that happens at this time of the year, I lose focus.

Runes:  That is exactly what I am saying.  When you are struggling, it is even more important to focus some of your power on the things that make you happy.  That is what you need to get you through the struggle.  That is why, for your last Rune, I give you Nauthiz.

Me:  Thank you for your guidance and wisdom.  This was very insightful and has helped me to relax, take a step back from my struggle, and take a breath.