Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Runes 202 - Bind Runes - Time Alone

We all need time to ourselves, some need it more often than others and some struggle to find the opportunity at any sort of regular interval.  I fall into the latter category, but this week, I will have three evenings all to myself.  Because I rarely have time for myself, I wanted to make sure that, only do I make the most of this time, but that it starts me on a path of finding it more often.
I had a bit of a conversation with the Runes on this topic and considered making this post a Rune Dialogue, but I realized that I was searching for more than insight.  I needed some extra strength, a reminder to make time for myself and that, when I have that time, to make the most of it.  After quite a lengthy discussion with the Runes, I was ready to pose my question: How do I make time for myself and use that time wisely?

The Runes gave me three thoughtful reminders that are important on their own, but even stronger together.  That is why I decided to make a bind Rune.

Nauthiz was perfect as the first Rune, because it asks me what I need.  What I need is time… time to write.  Some of you may say that’s a want, but writing is like a third lung for me; I need it to breathe.  Sometimes, we may need time to take a nap or read a book or garden.  The larger point is that we need time to do things outside of our routine and, maybe more importantly, we need to figure out how to make time for ourselves a regular part of that routine.

Ehwaz came second.  This reinforces Nauthiz in a really direct and positive way.  Remember, Ehwaz is the horse and it represents, among other things, loyalty.  For those of us who struggle with finding or taking time for ourselves, the message here is that loyalty to our own needs is okay.  This Rune echoes the idea of incorporating time for ourselves into our routine.  Be loyal to it.  Take that time.  Make a commitment to yourself... for yourself.

Ingwaz is the final Rune, the Rune of Freyr and fertility.  It is said that timing is everything.  If that is so, then Ingwaz, in this position, is telling us that now is the time to do this.  This moment is fertile so to speak.  This is our moment, our chance, to begin to set aside some time for ourselves.  Though it's a bit of a stretch, I might also add that by taking time for ourselves, we are creating a more fertile situation for ourselves, in general, because, when we take time to do something that we enjoy or that we need to do, we feel better and that good feeling transfers into other things, other aspects of our lives.

Given how well these three Runes reinforce and support each other, it is almost as if they are already bound.  So, turning them into a bind Rune was not only the obvious thing to do, it was easy.  Now, I think I may just redraw this by hand and set it by my desk to remind myself to do this.