Sunday, May 22, 2016

Runes 201 - Individual Runes - Dagaz

When I delve into individual Runes in a post, sometimes it's just about the characteristics of that Rune and sometimes I use other Runes to explain how to use a single Rune in a certain situation.  An important thing to remember is that, while each Rune has its own meaning, how it is applied varies depending on the situation or line of questions.

Over the past month, I have drawn Dagaz far more often than usual, which made me wonder why.  What is the message that the day Rune is sending to me?

Based on the three Runes I drew to help explain Dagaz for me and why I have drawn it so often lately, the over-arching themes I received were clarity, opportunity, and choices.

The first Rune I drew was Othala, the Rune of the homestead and inheritance.  Interestingly, when I considered Othala, just over three years ago, Dagaz came last with a message of clarity.  So, what Dagaz helps me do here is get clarity around my homestead.  Contemplating Othala in terms of clarity is interesting because my initial thought was clarity around financial issues and I was expecting Fehu.  Othala signifies to me that the clarity around homestead (aka: family issues) is broader than simply financial issues, though Othala does include the notion of inheritance, which has financial implications.  In this instance, Dagaz can be clarity around time spent with family, working on the house or yard or even strengthening local community to support the larger notion or indirect interpretation of homestead.

Berkana came second.  This is a Rune I have explored twice - one more personal venture that looked at beginning an adventure and one that looked at acknowledging what has come to an end.  Through the lens of Dagaz, Berkana is presented in terms of looking for opportunity or, even better, creating opportunity.  In other words, Dagaz heightens opportunities; it's a good time to look for opportunities that already exist or to create opportunities for yourself or others.  This combination is very positive and powerful.

I received Uruz, the aurochs Rune last.  This is a great Rune on which to end, because Uruz, the wild ox, is free, free to live as it wishes, free to make choices.  Dagaz, as the day Rune, shines light into our lives, allowing us to see things clearly (if we choose to look) so that we can make choices.  Likewise, having Dagaz present reminds us to make informed enlightened choices, ones that will be beneficial to us and to our homestead.

Dagaz is a positive and powerful Rune of light and, by those virtues, provides us with clarity - the ability to see things clearly if we pause and look, opportunities - both existing and created, and choices - beneficial ones that are informed by seeing the larger picture.