The Son of Nine Sisters, my first novel, retells many of the stories from Norse Mythology.  You've never heard the myths quite like this before.

Feedback from readers:
Just finished your book...loved it! Will definitely recommend it to friends! The imagery was almost felt as if I was in Asgard, too!   -Jenny, Redford, MI

WOW!!!! I'm sooo impressed! The piece flows perfectly, imparting ancient wisdom without sounding like a textbook, but the contemporary references keep it all moving along. Made me want to know more. Love it!!!    -Sara, Los Angeles, CA

I loved it!  I was absolutely hooked on the story and loved the story within a story quality of the book.  I find your writing engaging and your plot development well thought out.  And the characters are interesting and relatable.   - Marie, Montreal, QC 

Stacy’s life is going nowhere until she starts having dreams of life in Ásgard, the kingdom of the Norse gods.  In Ásgard, she is Heimdall, the son of nine sisters and watchman of the gods.  Heimdall has power; Stacy has none.  Heimdall has purpose; Stacy has none…

Before long, Stacy and Heimdall’s lives begin to weave themselves together and carry her in a direction she never imagined.  The interplay of their worlds – ancient Ásgard and modern New York City – brings together Stacy’s dreams and reality, forcing her to reconsider her own life and purpose.

Thanks for your support and, please stay tuned for the sequel!  You can purchase The Son of Nine Sisters via createspace (the printer) or through any of these Amazon links:
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