Monday, February 17, 2014

Runes 301 - Making Your Own Runes - Driftwood

Rune set of driftwood for Maggie Mae
I'm so happy to return to this series and share a beautiful set of Runes with you that were made by Maggie Mae.  The story of this set, as told to me, is so poetic, I won't even try to rewrite it.  I will just transcribe how these beautiful Runes came to be.  It flows like a poem,so that is how I am presenting it:

Rune set of ocean driftwood
Made by Maggie Mae in Cornwall, UK
Driftwood pieces were collected
Whilst we walked by the sea
Day after day

They were chosen for her
This Rune set
Because of her deep and long relationship with the sea

Each was cleaned
And blessed
And made during the full moon
The burning cooled in ice
Then mated to her
With an application of her blood

They gained from placement
In the light of the moon
And the sun
And were kept close for bonding
She and they are as one
And no one else
Save one black cat named Suki
Ever touches them

I wish my Rune set had such poetic origins.  What is especially impressive is how subtly the story weaves the way that the Runes were made into these poetic verses.

Thank you, to my friend, Håkon, for sharing this beautiful story and Rune set with me and allowing me to share it with you.  Håkon didn't know this at the time he shared his story, but my husband also calls me Maggie Mae and I, too, have long loved the ocean, so this story was especially sweet for me.

I hope it will inspire you to create a uniquely personal set of Runes for yourself too.

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  1. wow! what a stunning set of runes. I still haven't made my own runes and this has inspired me to start collecting my raw materials x