Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Runes 402 - Rune Dialogues - Equinox and Managing Balance

Since January, many people have contacted me to say that they cannot seem to find their equilibrium.  The passing of the equinox on Monday gave me pause and for perhaps the first time, I really contemplated balance and whether or not it can be attained and, if achieved, how it can be managed.  I decided to consult the Runes on the matter to see what insight they could offer to help me think this through.

My first question was whether such a thing as balance exists in life and the Runes gave me Gebo, which suggests that balance in life is a gift.

Me:  So balance is possible.  What is the secret to achieving it?  And, can it be maintained?

Runes:  Achieving balance requires work and Berkana signals the beginning of that effort.

Me:  How does one begin?

Runes:  It is a process.  Thurisaz reminds you that you have to be strong and focus your energy on this, but Perthro also reminds you that you cannot do it alone.  Do not be so rigid.  Forcing structure into your life is not that same as finding balance.

Me:  So, you're suggesting baby steps?

Runes:  You chose Sowilo as your Rune for this year.  It is a strong supporter of balance.  This is the first step - feminine qualities, self care.  In order to be successful, it is Sowilo that will see you through, provide comfort during those times when your attempt to find or maintain balance fall to the wayside.

Me:  Doesn't Sowilo stand in contrast to Thurisaz?

Runes:  Where the contrasts meet is where balance lies.  You are doing this for yourself, so Algiz represents a form of protection; do what is within your means.  If you extend yourself to far, you will lose your balance.

Me:  Thank you for that clarification.  You also mentioned that balance cannot be accomplished on your own.  Can you elaborate on that?

Runes:  Just as Dagaz shines light on problems and fears and makes them easier to manage and overcome, so do loved ones when you are in distress (and that includes feeling out of balance).  This also means that, occasionally, you will fall out of balance.  Balance is not a constant; it is cyclical at best, but finding and managing it as best you can will empower you and help you progress.

Me:  I see.  Thank you for explaining that piece.  So, once we find balance, will we or how can we manage it?

Runes:  It sounds contradictory, but managing the cycle of balance requires commitment.  Tiwaz explains that.  Tyr made a commitment to saving the gods and goddesses from Fenrir the wolf and that commitment required a sacrifice.

Me:  So, we must be sacrificed if we are to commit truly to finding and properly managing balance in our lives?

Runes:  You cannot think of a sacrifice as a bad thing.  Tyr's sacrifice was small in comparison to what it saved.  It is less about sacrifice and more about commitment.  Ehwaz demonstrates the complexity of commitment. It is a symbol of the horse and represents loyalty, teamwork, relationships, and even ways of moving through life's journey.  All of these things require commitment to flourish, but they also offer rewards for the commitment that you make.

Me:  Thank you for your insight and wisdom.  Recognizing balance as cyclical is important in managing those times when life feels out of balance.  So too is realizing that we are not alone and that we must do manageable things to get back on track.