Monday, April 30, 2012

Moving Forward

There are some people who map out their life before they enter college.  Others are in their forties and still not sure of their path.  Of course, there are those who know what they want to do, but aren't sure how they will get there.  When an opportunity presents itself, and it just feels right, how can we follow it as a positive stretch of our path?  How do we stay on that track and make the most of it?  I pulled three Runes that I don't draw very often, but which address this question very clearly.

Nauthiz, the Rune of need and necessity, explains the situation.  Despite these potentially negative connotations (need, necessity) Nauthiz also brings hope, for because we have a need, a requirement, we must practice discipline.  At the very least, through discipline comes relief, at best, comes rewards beyond what was expected.  When we have a requirement in our lives, it must be met and sometimes that need gives us the motivation required to acquire the need.  Perhaps even, it is the motivation we need to change course.  In support of this idea, contemporary interpretations of this Rune ask us to examine the obstacles we present for ourselves.  If an opportunity presents itself that offers a positive step forward, we must find a positive way to take that step, instead of building barriers to it.

The challenge in this situation comes from Sowilo, the Rune of the sun, good fortune, and wholeness.  Traditionally, this Rune represented the sun, feminine energy and light, and hope to lift the spirit.  Today, it is it a sign of wholeness or the search for it.  That challenge seems obvious.  We know what we want, we see a good and uplifting way to get it, yet we hesitate.  The hesitation creates the challenge, because it stops us from lifting our spirits, following our opportunity and getting closer to recognizing our personal wholeness, allowing ourselves to be that which we are already.

Eihwaz is the Rune of the yew tree, defense, and protection.  This is an interesting Rune for our action, because while the yew tree represents stability, it includes aspects of patience and perseverance.  The indication here is that through patience, we will persevere, which will create stability.  Just because the path has opened, do not leap onto it an run.  Consider your steps before taking them, move wisely, and, once you've made positive progress, stand your ground.  Taking a new or unexpected path can be frightening, but if you approach it with a thinking mind that doesn't over-think and an emotion (passion or excitement) that is not over-emotional, you will do well on this path.

As you think about all of the aspects of your life, I hope you can see where this fits into it.  The fit was immediately obvious for me.  For two decades, I have been an environmentalist.  For thirty years, I have been intrigued by Germanic culture, languages and landscapes.  Now, in an interesting twist, they are coming together.  In a sense, I have been on two paths for many years and now they are joining into one to carry me to the next level, the next part of my life.  I will walk wisely and enthusiastically forward on that path.

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