Monday, April 9, 2012


My first novel is done.  The third revision of it is almost done and I want it to be on the market next month.  However, it seems as soon as I sit down to work on it, after I've performed all the tasks I 'have' to do and can turn to the thing that I 'want' to do, I get interrupted.  I'm sure everyone shares this experience.  We all have things we enjoy doing, whether it's our job or a hobby, and we all get frustrated when those things are interrupted, especially at times when we're so close to finishing a project.  So, how do we deal with that situation, accept that it is going to happen and that we will be able to return and eventually finish it off as we had planned?  The Runes gave me a wonderful answer to this question.

Of course, the overview was Hagalaz, the Rune of Hail and Disruption.  We've talked about Hagalaz a few times before and the ways in which hail can be interpreted.  At first, it is seen as a destructive force, because it destroys crops and can damage buildings.  It disrupts our lives, just as interruptions disrupt our flow when we are doing something we enjoy.  However, hail is a form of precipitation, bringing water, nourishment to crops.  Knowing that the interruption may create some form of nourishment for us or our project, let's consider how that might play out.  Once our task is completed, perhaps it is that much sweeter, for example because we finished it despite the disruptions.  Or maybe the disruptions nourish our sense of dedication to completing the task, creating a greater focus on fruition.  For me, it's a little of both.

Kenaz, the Rune of the Torch, exemplifies the challenge of Hagalaz's hailstorm.  Think of this as the light at the end of the tunnel.  We have something that we want to finish; we can almost see the end, then, bam! Hagalaz.  We are interrupted, thrown off our trajectory.  Our challenge, then, is to stay focused on the light, to address the distractions, but keep moving toward the end goal.  But how?

Interestingly, the action required to move past the interruption and complete our desired task is found in Ansuz.  This is the Rune of Communication and Inspiration.  For one is not possible without the other.  New age interpretations broaden this idea by including looking for signals.  On some level, whether with a deity, a force of energy, or something more mundane, we must pay attention, search for the positive in the interruptions.  It may be acknowledgement by another for giving them our time (helping them do something) or our own revelation through performing the required act to address the interruption so that we can return to our project.  By seeking out the positive, we open ourselves to a much more pleasant experience and reduce our stress.

Our project will get done, but the line from A to B is rarely a straight one.

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