Monday, May 7, 2012

Runes of Gratitude

A year ago yesterday, I launched this blog with no idea what would happen and no idea where it would be in a year.  However, since the launch, I've learned so much about the Runes and their meanings, their role in mythology and history (Runes 101 series) and grown so attached to them and their purpose that I am making my own set in my Runes 301 series.  More than 3,250 visits from readers from all over the world have visited this blog.  I am very grateful to everyone who has taken a look at it, who follows it and who has told others about it.  To express my appreciation to all of you and those who will visit in the coming year, I asked the Runes to show me Runes of gratitude so that I could share them with you.

The first Rune was no surprise; it was Jera, my Rune, the Rune of the harvest and process.  No Rune could summarize better the experience we've had together over the past year.  Writing this blog has been a learning process.  As time progressed, I made changes, added new things, fine tuned my presentations, and created a more regular process.  Through all of these alterations, you have continued to support and read my work and, for that, I am grateful.

 When I began this blog, I seemed to be surrounded by naysayers and people who asked what I expected to gain from doing it; people who thought I was wasting my time.  To manage this criticism., I needed help.  The Runes gave me Algiz, the Rune of self-defense and protection.  In the book, "The Rune Primer", by Sweyn Plowright, the final line in his description of this Rune is "Let an opponent's eagerness to grasp be their downfall."  In my case, I believe my antagonists have met their downfall, because my blog is going very well, thanks to you, and I am incorporating the things I've learned and experiences I've had into other parts of my life too.  This is a wonderful aspect to this endeavor.  When I began, I expected nothing (truly, because I had not idea what to expect), but I have reaped many rewards through this process, from things that I have incorporated into my fiction writing to reconnecting more fully with my environmental background.  Because Algiz protected me or helped me to defend my belief in this blog and because you have taken the time to read it, I am grateful.

 Now that a year has passed, the question becomes, what next?  What will the coming year bring?  For that, I have Laguz, the Rune of the sea and flow.  Drawing this Rune makes me smile, because it confirms that I am on the right path with this endeavor.  It reminds me that the depths of the sea are a mystery as is the path forward with this blog.  However, it also assures me that, whatever happens, it will flow and happen freely, as it should.  I hope that you will continue to enjoy my work and visit this blog.  For your consideration and support, I am grateful.

Next time, I'll share a bit of my practice attempts at carving my Runes. Until then, have a wonderful week and, thank you again, for tuning in.

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