Monday, April 16, 2012

Runes 101 - Runes in History 6

In the last installment of the Runes in History, I posted a table of the Runes, their names and meanings.  However, it has been brought to my attention that the Runes did not appear as their correct symbols, rather were Roman letters (a b c and so on).  I've saved the table as an image, so the Rune symbols should be visible now.  (If not, please let me know.)  Here's the updated table:

As I mentioned in Runes in History 3,  this list is based on the Elder Futhark and, once the alphabet "split" (was used in England and northern Europe), the Futhark was adapted.  In Scandinavia, for example, it was reduced to sixteen letters, while in England, it jumped to thirty-two.  There were a number of localized or regional symbols as well.

Next week, I will be cutting the wood for my Runes (see Taking the Next Step with Runes and Runes 301- Making Your Own Runes) and will post the details of that process.  Until then, have a wonderful week!