Monday, February 15, 2016

Runes 202 - Bind Runes - Powering Through

We all want to focus on our dreams and passions, figure out and pursue those things that we identify as our priorities, and we want a smooth path to accomplishing them.  A smooth path or a smooth part in our paths can be hard to find at times.  Sometimes, we are staring at a huge pile of poo that we just have to power through, even though we have no interest in doing so and our heart is not in it.  This is different from letting go of things beyond our control.  This has to be done.

This necessity of powering through has been an occasional theme in my life and in the lives of many of my friends.  As with the other bind Runes I've linked to (above), I felt that this situation deserved more than just Rune wisdom; I wanted to take that wisdom and give it the extra strength of a bind Rune.  I asked the Runes for insight into powering through when no other valid option exists and they gave me Jera, Uruz, and Laguz.

Jera, Uruz, and Laguz placed
together to form a bind Rune.
Jera is always a good Rune for me.  In this instant, it tells me that, even though powering through is not a method I would choose to do on a regular basis, it is necessary and that it is part of something bigger.  This moment of powering through is not all there is to what I am doing and Jera provides an important reminder of that.  I placed Jera first and centered in the bind Rune, because of this and because this is what will carry me through this part of my process.

Uruz, the Rune of the aurochs, came next.  At first, I thought this somehow represented physical strength, like I must be strong to power through what I am facing.  But, Uruz means more than just the physical strength of the aurochs ox.  The aurochs represents not something that is wild, rather an animal that is free from the influences of society (not domesticated).  As part of society, what this means to me is having a critical eye towards my situation or going into it with open eyes.  In essence, Uruz is saying, "Take heart.  You are conscious of the fact that powering through is not who you really are and you see this moment for what it is, just an unpleasant moment that will pass."  With this perspective, I can approach the situation with mental and emotional strength, something I need to help me power through.  Uruz provides me this strength, so I placed it at the bottom of the bind Rune, to support it.

Laguz, as the third Rune, accomplishes two things for me.  First, it is yet another reminder that powering through is part of something bigger.  This is represented in the depths of the sea and everything that determines waves, currents, marine life, and flow.  Just as a storm at sea is sometimes part of the sea's process, so too powering through is part of mine.  Second, is the comforting part of this Rune, which recommends relaxing and rolling with what is happening.  Since I have decided that powering through is the best option at this point in time, I might as well make the most of it.  Therefore, I placed it front and center in the bind Rune to reinforce the mental and emotional strength allotted by Uruz and as a way of managing the moment identified by Jera and bringing me to the next phase from a place of positive flow.

These explanations give me the completed bind Rune, a bind Rune that says I have made the conscious choice to power through my current situation; that it is just an uncomfortable moment in something bigger in my life; and that recognizing this allows me to power through from a position of mental and emotional strength, so that I don't come out the other side drained, depressed or unsure of what is next.  Given this consciousness, it also affords me the opportunity to embrace and learn from the process.

I hope that, if you ever find yourself in a "power through" situation, this bind Rune will hep you.

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