Monday, October 12, 2015

Runes 202 - Bind Runes - Letting Go

Sometimes in life, we cannot resolve or rectify things that happened in our past.  In these situations, we can develop a very deep felt need to find a resolution though.  But, this need can overpower our current lives.  We are not satisfied because we cannot resolve something from our past, which makes us unhappy, and our need to obtain those answers so that we can feel satisfaction about our past makes us unhappy in the present.  What's most important is that, if we don't resolve it, we will be unhappy in our future life as well.

Given this, the question becomes how do we let go of things we cannot resolve?  This reads to me like using a Norn cast is the best approach, because our situation includes the past, present, and what should happen in the future.  So, I asked the Norns for guidance, then I took the Runes they gave me and made a bind Rune to strengthen our resolve to let go.

The Norns showed me Hagalaz, Eihwaz, and Laguz.

A bind Rune for letting go of things you cannot resolve.
The image on the left shows hows the Runes were bound together.

The Rune from Urd really sets the tone, telling us everything we need to know about the situation.  Hagalaz is the hail Rune and it contains a complete process within itself.  Drawing this Rune first, acknowledges that there was a destructive force (situation) in our past.  It is important that we acknowledge it here.  However, there is another part to the hail Rune that provides nourishment.  In this instance, I am not so sure we are talking about lessons learned, rather more about what we can choose to take from the damage of the hail storm.  In essence do we say, "Look at this mess.  You've ruined everything!"  Or do we say, "This is a mess.  What is still intact?  What can I use, maybe in a different way, to rebuild or create something better?"  The former locks us into the past, while the latter offers potential and opportunities for the future.

Whereas Urd established the situation, Verdandi points to us.  Eihwaz helps us realize who we are right now as we try to deal with Urd's situation.  What really stands out to me with this Rune is its strength, not asking the question, "Are we strong enough to let go?", rather telling us that we are.  In fact, it is a gentle way of assuring us that we can do this, that it is time to be brave and take that step. There is no 'how' in this instance; there is only do.  Just take a deep breath and make the commitment to let go and then let go.  This requires not only the bravery and strength infused in the Rune, but trust and/or faith, which may be harder to muster than bravery.

With the situation and the recognition of our abilities to address it sorted, we turn to - what now?  What action do we need to take to let go of this issue from our past and move forward in a positive way?  Skuld gives us Laguz, the water Rune.  This strikes me as almost another process, though this Rune does not contain a process in the same way that Hagalaz does.  Part of letting go entails relaxing, going with the flow - an idea I associate with this Rune.  If we accomplish this aspect of the Rune, the flow will continue forward in a similar fashion - relaxed, easy, smooth.  Once that smooth flow is established, we can go deeper into it, exploring its mysteries and living life more fully, because we are no longer weighted down by the past.

Binding these Runes together demonstrates a clear process for us to follow.  It creates a clearer, connected picture for us to wrap our heads and hearts around and provides us with a reminder of the effort we must apply, and the release we will feel.

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