Monday, March 31, 2014

Runes 202 - Bind Runes - Life's pursuits

I began a line of questioning with the Runes today that I intended to relate to job searches, changing careers, and the like.  However, as I contemplated and interpreted the meaning of the three Runes I received - Kenaz, Laguz, and Fehu - I realized that I was limiting them to a single parameter in life, when they applied easily to many pursuits.

Not only could I not confine these Runes, but I wanted to strengthen them by binding them together.  The final product may not look pretty, but it is a powerful reminder of a positive mindset as we endeavor into life's pursuits.

Although it's not the prettiest or most balanced bind Rune I've made, I love it just for the open visual.  This Rune looks like it is open to so many possibilities.  Beyond the visual, the Runes that are bound here are very uplifting.

I drew Kenaz first and its simplicity is revealed in this position.  Commonly referred to as the Rune of the light or torch, Kenaz represents human made fire, made using human creativity and knowledge.  This indicates to me that we should pursue those things that come naturally to us or that we have worked hard to learn and master.  That is where we will find satisfaction.  Even if it is not possible to undertake these things to earn a living, they must remain an active part of our lives, for they feed our joy.

Laguz was next.  Though I often say, "go with the flow" when this Rune appears, it is not simply a matter of kicking back and letting things happen to us.  We must still be active, preferably proactive in life's pursuits.  While we should try not to let things stress us out, we must also realize that life does not flow directly from A to B.  In other words, it's not going to be easy, but if we follow Kenaz (doing the things that come naturally or that we have worked hard to master), it will be worth it.  The thing to remember is that, like the depths of the sea, life is full of mysteries and, like the river making its way across the floodplain to the sea, life is also full of twists and turns, calm waters and rapids.  If we sit back and do nothing, those aspect's of life are going to kick our asses.  We have to navigate these parameters consciously.

I laughed a bit when I saw the final Rune - Fehu.  It seems to be counter to the implication of the first two Runes.  Where they suggest guiding our lives toward joy and contentment, Fehu is the cattle Rune' money; suggesting that money is the happiness we seek.  However, two points stand out against this idea.  First, whereas cattle used to be a form of 'money', in broader terms, it represents wealth and today wealth cannot be measured in terms of financial prowess alone.  The second point ties directly into that idea, because the Rune poems claim that those who have money should dole it out in abundance, essentially share the wealth, and that money is the source of a lot of arguments with loved ones.  In essence, don't put all your eggs in one basket - don't make financial wealth you're only goal.  Good health, good friends, a loving family, work that you enjoy or that allows you to do the things you enjoy, these are all aspects of wealth.  So, Fehu is not counter to Kenaz or Laguz; rather it reinforces them by making you consider the types of rewards you want to achieve through Kenaz and Laguz.

Separately, these three Runes offer important guidance in the pursuit of life.  Together, they unite our natural talents and acquired knowledge with our abilities to proactively navigate the twists, turns, and mysteries of life, and realize that money is only a single goal within and along that path; we will be far richer in the end, if we pursue good health, loving relationships, and activities we enjoy as we pursue financial security.


  1. When I saw this bind rune I thought wow , this one actually gets to me straight away .Having read the meanings of it I can feel it talking to me , and I find it has a direction for me .I will go with the flow on this one .

    1. Hi. Thank you for the positive comments about the bind Rune. I'm really glad to hear that it spoke to you. I hope it is useful! Cheers!