Monday, September 30, 2013

Runes 201 - Individual Runes - Hagalaz

When I began using the Runes, I would cringe every time Hagalaz came up as part of my cast.  The Hail Rune.  Hail.  I've been in plenty of hail storms in my life and I can tell you this; when hail hits you, it hurts, sometimes causing injury.  It can also break or destroy things it hits.  Given that, my initial dislike of Hagalaz seems understandable.

However, after working with the Runes for about a year, Hagalaz and I reached an understanding and it has become a very empowering Rune for me.  Yes, yes, it doesn't necessarily start off well, but the initial upheaval is an opportunity to confront a bad or overwhelming situation, learn from it, allow that experience and new knowledge to empower you, as you move forward.

I'd like to thank the Runes for supporting my summation, for when I asked them if my assessment of Hagalaz was accurate, they gave me Nauthiz, Gebo, and Berkana.

Nauthiz represents need or necessity.  Although we probably do not want to be hit by the upheaval a hail storm generates, there is a lesson it provides us, an opportunity to grow and learn.  How we manage this first half of Hagalaz, the disruption to our lives, is important.  It requires us to look at the situation and discern its point.  What do we need from this situation, whether we want it or not?

Gebo is the perfect Rune in this second position, because it reminds us that, even though we are caught in an unpleasant situation, its result is a gift.  This is an important recognition to make, because it requires a change of perspective and beckons us to move beyond simply being frustrated by having our lives interrupted and thrown off kilter and, instead, approaching it more holistically.  We don't often (if ever) think of a negative experience as a gift, which is the empowering part of the Hagalaz process.  What positive influence can this situation have on us?

At last, we reach the end of the Hagalaz process.  Remember, when hail melts, it provides water, nourishment.  In this moment, after we have survived the initial storm and found the positive empowering aspect of it, the worst is over.  The end of Hagalaz is a beginning, so why would we not draw Berkana, the birch Rune, the Rune of beginnings?  Perhaps, the best part of Hagalaz, which ties so nicely into a beginning, is the creative force behind it.  Most people think immediately of 'creativity' in an artistic sense when they see the word 'creative', but it doesn't have to mean that at all, rather simply 'to create'.  How can I use what I have experienced and learned from this bad situation to create or forge a positive beginning from it?

The next time Hagalaz hits, remember, it is a process full of opportunity and beginnings too.

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