Saturday, February 14, 2015

Runes 402 - Rune Dialogues - Managing the Truth

The truth can be a challenging aspect of life.  More specifically, it can be problematic when it is entirely evident, but must be handled carefully so as to obtain the desired outcome.  In this case, the truth becomes the elephant in the room; it is obvious that everyone knows it is there, but they choose to ignore it and, as a result, life sputters on as it always has.

Well, I say, "Nertz to that!"

I cannot sit idly by with a giant elephant in the room.  However, also as an adult, I realize I cannot simply blurt things out.  The situation has to be handled with tact and care and finesse.  So, I engaged the Runes to help me manage it.

Me:  What can you tell me about this truth?

Runes:  Thurisaz represents the situation well.  It shows us that truth is power and, if the power is unleashed haphazardly, it can wreak havoc and make the situation worse.  However, if it is focused and guided, it can bring great rewards.

Me:  Thank you for your wisdom.  Thurisaz does align well with my current situation.  The question is how do I roll out the truth?

Runes:  Laguz has two aspects, one of following the flow as it rolls out; the other looking deeper at the mysteries or secrets being kept.

Me:  So these are the paths from which I must choose.  Do I follow the flow of the others involved and the other information that is being provided?  Or do I expose the secrets?

Runes:  The time is fertile, as Ingwaz shows, for you to guide the flow of things as they are unrolled.  But it also reminds you to be careful.  You will reap what you sow.

Me:  Reaping what I sow could be good or bad.  I don't want to put bad energy into the mix, but I see what is best for the big picture in the long run.

Runes:  If you do nothing, things will not change.  If you do nothing, there will be no beginnings for moving forward.  Berkana will keep appearing to address this fear.  If you want things to change, to begin anew, the truth is the path that leads in that direction.

Me:  Yes, I know the truth must come out.  I am just not sure how to expose it without creating collateral damage.  I don't want to simply be a finger pointer.  I need to be able to say, "This way no longer works.  We must step onto a new path."

Runes:  Raido is the journey down that path.  Raido tells you to be the change, to stand up.  Live life!  You cannot help but guide the big picture onto a new and productive path.

Me:  I have missed engaging with you in this way.  Thank you for your guidance and insight.  What is the last word on this?

Runes: The last words are the words you have already written.  Remember Algiz and Heimdall.

Me:  The words from my novel excerpt.

Runes: Yes.

Me:  Thank you.  I needed this conversation with you tonight.  Tomorrow I will begin writing the words that will reveal the truth.

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