Monday, July 28, 2014

Runes 201 - Individual Runes - Berkana 2

Nearly two years ago, I looked at Berkana as I was starting a new business adventure with a friend. Although that adventure has run its course, last week, I started another new adventure and Berkana came to mind once again.  In fact, when Berkana reveals itself to us, we tend to be drawn to ideas of beginnings, birth, and even creative unleashings.

What we tend to forget, because we frame things as every ending is a beginning, is that every beginning also means that something else has come to an end.  I like to think that something coming to an end is a good thing, but it isn't always or, even if it is, it isn't necessarily easy.  So, what I wanted to know is how we can experience the release of what is ending as we move forward into our beginning.  So, I asked the Runes, "Using Berkana to symbolize our beginning, how do we acknowledge what has ended?"

Wunjo, Nauthiz, and Raido came as the Runes' reply.

"Be happy," the Runes say.  Okay, it's not as simple as be happy, but it sets the tone.  More specifically, it means don't regret what happened, what has come to pass.  It may not have been great, but we can take or make something positive from every experience.  We can learn and grow and, in many ways, those experiences that are hard help us to grow the most.  They help us to find strength and courage.  And, even when good things end, we are grateful to have had those moments.  Take the good and move that forward.

Nauthiz came second and focuses on needs, wants, and what is necessary.  I find this Rune to be quite important, because it calls for awareness without actually warning us to be careful.  Instead, it seems to tell us to be smart, to use our wits and be wise in the way we approach things.  It does not say move slowly, rather move smartly.  How does this help us recall what has ended?  It adds to what Wunjo said.  Where Wunjo tells us not to regret things, Nauthiz says take the aspects of the past that we need and bring them forward, but be smart about what we choose.  Acknowledge what has ended, but don't let it weigh us down; we don't need that.

The final Rune is Raido; Raido is the journey.  This is the Rune that tells us that we are not alone on our journey and reminds us to live life.  Basically, Raido in this position, reinforces the need to move forward.  We cannot escape what has ended, because it was part of the journey that got us to where we are now, to that first next step to where we are going.  Coupled with Wunjo, its message is enjoy the ride and, coupled with Nauthiz, it says that even though we are enjoying the ride, we still need to be aware of the path.  Look back and see where you've come from.  Acknowledge the road behind you and build your next moment on the foundation that lies in your wake.  It is stronger than you think.


  1. Thanks for these reminders. I used to work with runes and want to get back to it. I have a set I made out of small flat riverstones.

    1. Hi Madison,
      I am glad you liked the post and hope that you do get back to working with the Runes. Let me know how it goes!

  2. Thank you, I was revising the runes I my head as you described them do well. Very interesting.