Monday, August 12, 2013

Runes 201 - Individual Runes - Ingwaz

A few weeks ago, I talked about empowerment, especially with regard to taking control of situations.  By taking control of our own circumstance, we create a fertile environment in which to function.  This brings Ingwaz to mind with its fertility and relationship to Freyr.  But how can we utilize Ingwaz in a productive and positive way to make the most of an empowered situation?

First, we must look at Ingwaz itself to determine what fertility means.  By empowering ourselves, we create a situation whose potential and energy is fertile, fertile for us to take advantage of and reap the rewards of hard work and or bravery.  However, we must do it without becoming overbearing or greedy.

The stage is set.  Opportunity awaits.  We must focus on fertility in this regard and allow it to feed the sense of empowerment we have built.  Freyr's essence, as the Norse god of fertility, peace, and plenty explain that we can prosper if the ground is fertile and we don't incite conflict.

With that understanding, I asked the Runes how we might make the most of our new found empowerment.  I drew Raido, Othala, and Ansuz.  I understood what this draw meant for me immediately and  I believe that many people may be able to relate to the story the Runes presented.

We begin with recognizing that we are on a journey.  Raido, as the riding Rune, tells us this.  Journeys such as this, that carry us into the fertile territory we have created through our own empowerment can have great impact on us and our perception of things.  Raido represents fruitful travels as we engage Freyr.  I really like the Rune poem for this Rune (Old English version), because it basically says it's easy to sit and talk about adventure, but much harder to actually undertake to have one.  Yet, that is what we are doing and adventures or journeys like this will create a change in us.

Othala answers the very important question  - why undertake this journey?  In short, what do we hope to accomplish by doing it?  Othala signifies a happy and peaceful home; it implores us to advantage of this fertile moment in hopes of positively impacting our home and what we give to our family and friends.  We hope to provide something for ourselves and a solid foundation for our loved ones as they grow and learn from watching and sharing our experiences.

With Ansuz, we arrive at how we will achieve a prosperous journey.  Here again, I turn to the Old English Rune poem to interpret the meaning of this Rune in this position.  It talks of wisdom and support and language and counseling.  It is associated with Odin and the idea of comfort or strength to warriors.  Together, this signifies that we must take time to make wise choices, seek other perspectives, and realize that, as empowered warriors, we can and must be strategic in our approach to this position of strength we have established for ourselves.  As we step onto this path of empowerment, we must use our wisdom and realize that our steps leave a trail for future generations to follow or learn from.

I hope you are empowered to take your first step on this journey.


  1. Calm n flowing words, combined together in harmony, thankyou :-)

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    1. Hi Troy, You are very welcome. Thank you for sharing it!