Monday, July 7, 2014

Runes 402 - Rune Dialogues - Dealing with Change

Change is a part of life.  In fact, some say that the only thing that is constant in this world is change.  Still, that does not negate the fact that some people really struggle with it.  Someone very dear to me does not deal well with it, but his life is about change in a fairly big way.  Despite it being a positive change, his aversion to change hasn't changed.  So, I decided to engage with the Runes to ask for their guidance in managing it.  How can we deal with change, whether good or bad, for our own well-being without reacting negatively to it?

The Runes make it clear from the onset that this is truly a personal issue.

Runes:  Mannaz reminds us that humans possess both strengths and weaknesses.

Me:  That is true.  Thank you.  So, this tells us that it is okay to not like change; that it is a natural part of who we are.

Runes:  It is, but so is how you deal with it.  You may not like it, but it is going to happen, so perhaps the best way to approach change is the way you approach a new day.  That is why Dagaz comes second.  Each day begins as an opportunity.  What you accomplish and how you feel during the cycle of one day depends on your choices and your perspective.

Me:  You are saying that we need to be more conscious of the things we do, right?

Runes:  I am saying that by being more conscious, you can have a better effect on your day.  Berkana represents birth and beginnings.  When we are born our opportunities are unlimited.  Change presents beginnings too; sometimes not in ways we would like to receive them, but when a beginning presents itself to us, it holds nothing more than potential and you can choose how you engage that potential and what direction it takes.

Me:  Of course.  Thank you.  This makes it seem much easier.

Runes:  Do not misinterpret my intention.  The way you approach change is important, but that does not necessarily mean it will be easier or even pleasant.  However, I place Uruz here, not only because dealing with discomfort requires strength, but also to remind you that it requires you to think freely and critically about such a situation.

Me:  How will we know if we are succeeding or what can we do to ensure that we are thinking freely and critically?

Runes:  Perthro takes this struggle outside of you (Mannaz) and into a social component.

Me:  So, we need to find the fun in the situation.

Runes:  That is only part of it.  It is important to find the lighter side, but more importantly, you must engage socially,  If you withdrawal from the inevitable change, you make everything a struggle.  It is in your best interest to participate in the process of change.  It helps forge new relationships, build loyalty, and it affects your wyrd.  That is where Gebo comes in, for when you give, in this case to a situation, without expectation of an end result, the gift within the situation will reveal itself to you in many ways.

Me:  Your insight has been very wise.  I understand that it is okay to not like change, but that the way that we engage with and accept it will have profound impact on the experience we have with it.  If we resist less and work on building relationships, the outcome is far more likely to be a positive one.  Thank you.

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