Monday, March 24, 2014

Runes for the Equinox

Equinox Skies
At the end of last week, we celebrated the Equinox (spring up north, and autumn down south), a time of year with which I have long been fascinated.  Twelve hours of daylight and darkness everywhere on the planet.  Balance.  I find this to be an incredibly important time for us to pause and think about the balance in our own lives, about what it means, how we find it, and what we can do to maintain it.

To that end, I asked the Runes for their guidance in understanding balance in our lives.  I drew - Sowilo, Raido, and Othala.  This response gave me pause to sit with the Runes for a while, so that I could fully understand the wisdom they offered.

Sowilo is a powerful first Rune to draw, especially given that our launching point is the equinox, which implies balance between light (the sun/day) and dark (the night). However, the message here relates to energy, specifically the feminine energy that the sun holds within Germanic cultures.  Sowilo reminds us that in a world dominated by masculine energies - assertiveness, aggression, and personal drive - the feminine gets relegated to the periphery.  It is those feminine features - caring for others, artistic creativity, time for relaxation and reflection - that balance the masculine.  Sowilo's Rune poem (Old English version) also makes clear the importance of navigating the seas using the sun.  I find this to be an incredibly powerful metaphor for society today.  As we navigate our world, we must be guided by the feminine aspects of it.  Notice I did not say ruled.  However, that does not mean that we should be ruled by masculine powers either, rather that the two must balance each other.

I find Raido, in second position, to be quite intriguing.  In general, Raido relates to riding or travel, but it implies doing so on a horse's back. What this suggests is that, to find balance, sometimes we need a new perspective or to have a new experience.  Both of these ideas fit very well with the notion of balance.  If you are doing something that is throwing you off balance, you have two options - try to do it differently (look at it from a different perspective) or try something new, something completely different.  Raido assures us that it is easy to theorize about things, about how things could or should be, but it is quite another to climb on the metaphorical horse and let it take you in a new direction or reconfigure your current path.  In this way, Raido tell us that something has to change in order for balance to be realized.

The final Rune is Othala, which gave me the most pause in trying to discern how it relates to balance.  Then, it became very clear for two very important reasons.  First, why do we need balance in our lives, to have a "happy home", to be content .  Othala as the homestead and inheritance Rune reminds us that, if we are out of balance, it affects all aspects of our life and all those in our lives, especially the people to whom we are closest - our family.  Second, our children (those who inherit from) inherit not only our finances ( money, property, and the like), but our morals/values and, in general, our actions.  If we teach them that masculine aspects of the world are more important than the feminine, we are passing on our own imbalance to them.  If we never teach them to try something new, that it's okay to make mistakes or how to learn from them and gain a new perspective, we pass on our imbalance.  Changing the imbalance or, more appropriately, focusing on finding balance, begins now, with us.


  1. beautifully written, I enjoyed this very much and I agree about the significance of the Equinox... global balance means something special and even if the people of the world can't always find balance, knowing that the planet can within the Universe is a comfort. This is what I meditate on at the Equinox. Blessed Be x

    1. Thanks, AcanthaRayne. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I like the idea of your Equinox meditation and that of a higher level of balance.