Monday, March 10, 2014

Runes 402 - Rune Dialogues - Following Two Paths

Through my most recent dialogue with the Runes, the importance of posing a question just right so that you can understand the answer the Runes offer and so they can understand the true intent of the question being asked, became very clear.  In other words, you have to ask what you want to know.  Don't be vague.

After about twenty minutes of engaging with the Runes over the weekend, I realized we were dancing around the actual question that I needed to ask.  More importantly, perhaps, I was waiting for the Runes to present themselves when what I needed to do was put forth the first Rune myself. Once that was sorted, I laid down Jera as the starting point.
Jera is the year Rune, the Rune of the harvest and the implied cycle or process to achieving a bountiful one.

As I set down this Rune to restart my conversation with the Runes, I asked how I can manage my time over the next year to 18 months as I follow two paths forward - one for my current situation and one that leads to a different future.  Essentially, how can I maintain the path I am required to be on right now, while ensuring that it will lead me to the path I want for the future?

The Runes responded by showing me Laguz, the water Rune.

Me:  Ah, Laguz.  But, you see, part of the problem is that I cannot relax and go with the flow.  I understand that I cannot push the river (control where and how water moves), but I need to define some sort of course to help me move forward.

Runes: Mannaz reminds you of who you are.  What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Me:  I don't understand.  What is the link between Laguz and Mannaz that you are wanting me to see?

Runes:  Fehu is a bad focus for making your plan.  Laguz is more than flow.  Many mysteries lie below its surface.  If you wish to focus on exploring those mysteries, you must be aware of your weaknesses.  Right now, that weakness is focusing on money.  You showed me Jera to start this, so focus on the process.  Even if money is the ultimate goal (or one of them), your focus should be on the next step, not on the final one.

Me:  Oh, I see now.  Thank you for that clarification.  You are correct and I do tend to jump ahead; that is why I laid Jera.  How do I stay focused on taking a single step at a time?

Runes:  Thurisaz will guide you.

Me:  But Thurisaz is a very powerful Rune and, if not managed well, the power unleashed by it can turn to chaos and create even more trouble.  That would not be good.

Runes:  You are a warrior, are you not?  Tiwaz shows you the warrior you are. Remember that one of the key aspects of a warrior is her strategic ability. You can manage your own power unleashed through Thurisaz.  Channel that power.  Do not be afraid.

Me:  That is true; I am a warrior, but I am also weary of letting my power get way from me, but you are right, I should not be.  And, what will happen if I do unleash it and maintain it?  If I can stay focused on each step and not jump ahead?

Runes:  These are the Runes you want to see in the future - Raido, Dagaz, and Wunjo.  If you trust in your abilities, and unleash them with focus and direction, this is the path that will reveal itself to you in the future.  Raido is your travel on  all aspects of this path.  It will lead you to a point where you can see things clearly, though they may not be so clear right now.  Once you can see things clearly and have a sense of where things are, you will be happier.

Me:  These are good Runes.  Thank you.  That is what I need to do - see opportunities clearly.  I am nervous about how good these Runes are though.

Runes:  You know the Norns.  Raido is your past (Urd) and path, the one that has led you this moment (Verdandi), where you are beginning to see shimmers of light from Dagaz, an end to an arduous journey.  Wunjo is what should be, according to Skuld.  It is still up to you to bring it to fruition.  Realizing that happiness is within your power can be overwhelming, but if it is what you truly seek, you will find a way to guide this path to it.  What you must decide is whether or not this is the path that will get you to Wunjo.

Me:  Thank you for your wisdom.  You have shown me how to follow two paths to secure my current situation and ensure my future one by looking simply at the next step and not focusing on the ultimate goal.

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