Monday, November 25, 2013

Runes 403 - Rune Interpretations - Resistance

There are two kinds of resistance - resisting things that you know are wrong and resisting things that you know are right.  Dealing with the former can mean simply not doing something you know is wrong or it can mean standing up to something that is wrong or unjust.  When you're passionate about a cause or protecting someone or something you love or believe in, resisting things that are wrong is relatively easy, because it thrives on the passion you feel.

However, that latter kind can be much more challenging - resisting something that is right.  Sometimes we know something is right, because we feel it intuitively.  We know, in our gut, that it's right, yet we resist it with every ounce of our being.  Why?  And how can we get out of that mindset?  How can we stop resisting the positive and embrace it instead?  That is what I asked the Runes this week.

A few weeks ago, I created a bind Rune for letting go of anger, but this is slightly different, as we are trying to let go of apprehension and stop resisting.  To address why we resist things that we know are right, I drew Ehwaz, Perthro, and Fehu.

Last week, I looked in detail at Ehwaz, the horse Rune. This week, that Rune came first to answer my questions.  Remember, that the foundation of Ehwaz was loyalty.  Receiving Ehwaz here suggests to me that, when we resist something that we know is right on an intuitive level, we are not being loyal to ourselves, not trusting ourselves.  So, first and foremost, the Runes tell us to trust ourselves.  We must listen to our inner knowledge (a topic - intuitive listening - about which I wrote on another blog earlier this year).

Still, we must also consider Ehwaz's other aspects and look at how those aspects help us stop resisting.  These considerations bring up a number of additional questions to address.  We are not in this alone, so if we stop resisting our intuitive knowledge, how will our actions affect those around us?  What happens if we keep resisting?  What happens if we stop?  Where will our path lead?  In looking at these questions, perhaps it is not that we don't trust ourselves, rather that the timing is not right as it affects others.  So, the Runes also tell us that, although we trust our instincts, sometimes we must consider the timing of acting on them.

Perthro, in the second position begins to shed light on the impact our choices have on others and vice versa; it reminds us that our wyrd (fate) is linked.  This suggests that, while we may know something intuitively and we may not want to resist it, we do, because the time to embrace it has not yet arrived.  I have touched on this idea in discussing anticipation and, earlier this month when I looked at the need to or importance of pacing yourself.  This perspective gives depth to our resistance, implying that we think of others as we make our choices, that we are not simply selfish beings.

The final Rune, Fehu - the cattle Rune - gave me pause at this juncture, because I just proclaimed that we are thoughtful beasts, not selfish or self-serving creatures.  Yet, Fehu represents wealth, riches, perhaps even greed.  Within a moment, though I was reminded that, while cattle may have been a primary measure of wealth in the past, today we measure wealth in more ways than one, from more than a financial perspective.  One of the greatest forms of wealth we possess is the ability to care for the welfare of others.  In this instance and tied to the idea of caring about others is viewing our ability to resist our instincts as a form of wealth.  It shows strength and helps to ensure that, when the time is right and we end our resistance, the benefits will far outweigh the struggle of resisting.

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