Monday, August 19, 2013

Runes 403 - Rune Interpretations - Anticipation

To say my summer has not been great is a bit of an understatement, but things seem to have turned a corner and are on a positive track.  In other words, anticipation is building around some potentially really good things.  One of the challenges I face now though is not letting the anticipation take over.  Have you been there?  It's hopeful waiting, but when you get so excited about the possibility actually coming to fruition, it can become all you think about.  So, how do we maintain our cool, so to speak, while we wait?  That's the question I posed to the Runes.

I find it very interesting that Wunjo led the way on this draw.  The Rune of joy and pleasure seems an obvious choice here and, for a moment, I thought, 'Really?  this is the best you've got to give to me?'  But the Runes, as always, told me to look deeper.  This is not simply a question of being happy.  It is about being grateful for what we have already, gratitude for the basics.  If we are grateful and do not take things for granted, we curb our anticipation in a very important way.  In other words, if we are not grateful for that which we have already, anticipating more or something else is not going to bring us true happiness.  Moreover, we will never feel a sense of security or comfort if we spend all of our time thinking about and hoping for other and different possibilities, especially when the power to make them happens rests with someone else.  We can do what is in our power to affect the circumstances and, beyond that, we must let it go.

Dagaz, the day Rune supports Wunjo on two fronts.  First, it tells us that it is okay to anticipate something and look forward to its potential arrival, for like the day, it gives us hope.  Like Wunjo, this interpretation is almost obvious.  But, it does support the idea of being happy, which is Wunjo in its simplest state.  However, (and this is the second front) like the day, Dagaz also sheds light on the reality of the situation.  Therefore, while we can be happy and hopeful, we must look truthfully at the potential we see and not get ahead of ourselves, rather pace ourselves based on new information as it comes to light.  This is a far better approach than fretting and worrying about whether it will happen and it ties nicely into our final Rune if we think of information growing out of fertile situations.

I especially like Ingwaz in the final position here, for a few reasons.  For starters, it's the fertility Rune, which signifies potential and a situation whose time has come; it's ripe for the picking.  This gives us the hope found in  anticipation.  For, when we anticipate, we are optimistic; we believe that the moment is fertile and ready for us.  We feel it in our bones; yet Wunjo and Dagaz remind us not to put the cart before the horse if we truly want to have the greatest opportunity for success.  Second, just last week, I wrote about using Ingwaz in empowered situations.  On some level, our anticipation gives us a similar sensation.  We are feeling empowered and hopeful and the Runes are providing us with sage advice, so that we don't get too caught up in the anticipation, rather approach it strategically, letting go of expectation and moving forward based on factual or truthful information.  Finally,  Ingwaz is Freyr's Rune.  I feel an odd affinity toward him, for although he is a great god and warrior, his commonly recognized traits are fertility, peace, and plenty.  We've talked about the fertility aspect that is the core of this Rune, but as his Rune, Ingwaz also encompasses the other two aspects of him, which are equally as powerful as fertility.  The word 'peace' resonates with a calming and comforting effect.  That is what we seek to help us manage this overwhelming anticipation and not get carried away by it.  It also supports the idea of gratitude provided by Wunjo.  If you appreciate what you have, you will have a greater sense of peace.  Plenty, to me, again brings us back full circle to Wunjo, because it carries with it, the idea that everyone has what they need to be happy.

This may be one of the most supporting readings I've done in a while, with the Runes linking easily to each other.  I hope it was positive and uplifting for you and that, whatever it is that you're anticipating (looking forward to), comes to you soon.


  1. Skillfully read and interpreted. Well done.

  2. Dagaz has drawn my attention for some time. Now I understand it better and can see why it drew me Thank you.