Monday, June 3, 2013

Runes 403 - Rune Interpretations - Focused Energy

We all have times when we are "in the groove" or "plowing through things", when our energy is focused on that which we need to accomplish.  But, what happens when something disrupts that flow?   How can we maintain that focused energy to get us through the turbulence and back to calm?

This week, I asked the Runes how to manage these times when things are smooth flow has been interrupted.  The simplicity of the answer was perfect, but the Runes were a bit feisty in the process, having a little fun with me.

As I pondered the question in my mind, I had a feeling I would draw Hagalaz, the hail Rune, and I did.  It was as if the Runes were already attuned to my question before I posed it, because Hagalaz came out first.  Ehwaz, the horse, followed; but I put it back, because I thought I hadn't been concentrating well enough on the question.  Guess what?  After I shuffled the Runes around some more and thought only of the question, Ehwaz came out again.  Clearly, it was the right choice and the Runes were telling me that I just needed to think about it for a moment.  Finally, in an almost silly, sappy conclusion, the Runes gave me Wunjo, the Rune of joy.

Hagalaz is a Rune I've drawn fairly regularly recently (Runes for Celebration and Runes 403 - Rune Interpretations - Time).  In this instance, this is a great Rune to carry us through the turbulence.  On one hand, it represents the turbulence itself through its destructive aspect.  However, it also represents Wunjo by virtue of it's second aspect of healing or providing relief.  Perhaps most importantly, Hagalaz guides Ehwaz by imparting creative ability into the mix.

Ehwaz is the Rune of the horse.  The final line of its Rune poem depicts the idea of a journey made easier for someone, who is on foot, to be able to mount a horse and ride.  This image implies a number of subtler ideas.  Partnership, cooperation, and loyalty each play a role in this Rune's meaning and Hagalaz provides a foundation for these ideas with its requirement for new growth.  These aspects of Ehwaz translate nicely into maintaining focused energy to get past the disturbance and onto the next step (or back to normal) in the process.  In short, the message here is to work together, look for support from those loyal to you, and to be loyal to those who offer assistance.  These bonds will strengthen and support your ability to focus and get back "in the groove".

As I said, Wunjo was last and, on the surface, it provides us with a Hollywood ending to our phase of disruption, implying "and they all lived happily ever after" to our struggle to keep our energy focused.  It is also the final aspect of Hagalaz incorporated into the situation - the relief.  However, Wunjo has a more ancestral sense of joy behind it, a deeper meaning than the Hollywood-style happy ending.  Wunjo almost becomes an appreciation and recognition of a comfortable life.  In this instance, I believe the joy Rune indicates gratitude, thus serving as a gentle reminder to thank those who help us through our turbulent times and showing us how important cooperative relationships are.

Stay focused and, if you can't, reach out to those who support you!  Have a fabulous week!


  1. what advice would you give to a person starting rune work for divinaton

  2. For now, I would say get Sweyn Plowright's book. It's the best I've found, especially for people just starting out. Take your time; learn the original meaning of each Rune, then practice applying that Rune to your own life, determine what it means to you. Either get or make a set of Runes and make sure the first reading you do is for yourself; that makes them yours. This should get you started, but stay tuned to this blog for more opportunities this fall. Thanks for your question and let me know if you have any questions as you begin.

  3. If you were doing a bind rune for these Hagalaz, Ehwaz, and Wunjo, how would you line those up? I really like the one you did for creative energy. Your explanation was very clear and helpful.

    1. Hi Bonnie,
      If you can email me, I'd be happy to help. I'd like to know more about why you are binding these three Runes. My email is