Monday, May 6, 2013

Runes for Celebration!

I'm taking a break from the various series this week to celebrate the second anniversary of this blog.  I'd like to thank all of you who read, follow, and share my posts.  This blog has become a true labor of love and that is thanks to all of you!

I looked back at the post I wrote for last year's anniversary (Runes of Gratitude) and it still rings true.  However, since then, the number of visits has nearly quintupled!  I'm nearing 70 public followers!  And, I've started two communities, both called Runes and the Futhark, to encourage discussions and share knowledge about and interest in the Runes.  One is on google+ and the other is on facebook.  None of this would be possible without your support, so thank you!!

To show my gratitude this year, I offer Runes for celebration!  Your support has given me the confidence and energy to try new things over the past year and wade into uncertain waters to learn more about the Runes.  For that, I want to celebrate with you!

I asked the Runes what they would give me for this celebration.  They said, "We give you Nauthiz, Hagalaz, and Gebo."

I said, "Thank you.  I appreciate that, but I'm not sure I asked the question properly.  I accept that I shouldn't go overboard with celebrating.  Thus, you showed me Nauthiz, the Rune of need and necessity, but I feel the need to celebrate the accomplishments I've had on this path with those who made them possible.  I also understand that Hagalaz reminds me that things don't always go smoothly.  I know there will be rough spots and disruptions, but they are part of the path; I can learn from and work through them.  Through this process and thanks to the support of everyone who has made this blog possible, I received Gebo, the giving Rune.  Gebo represents not only giving without expectation, which everyone involved has done, but the actual gifts - the Runes,their wisdom, and guidance."

However, I was thinking more along the lines of Wunjo, Dagaz and Laguz, the Runes of joy and pleasure, daylight and clarity, and water or flow.  I was going for more of a party sentiment.

So I asked again, because, "Nauthiz, Hagalaz, and Gebo are not how I want to recognize these great benchmarks, rather I would like to acknowledge them and empower the energy that created them.  What would you say to that?"

The Runes said, "Oh, we see.  Thank you for clarifying.  In that case, we give you Ingwaz, Berkana, and Kenaz."

"These are perfect!  Thank you for your guidance and understanding," I replied.

The first Rune shows fertility through Ingwaz, Freyr's Rune.  This is a positive symbol and indicates that everything we have done together to this point has laid the groundwork for good things to happen.  We can celebrate what our efforts have brought to fruition thus far.

Berkana is the Rune of the birch tree and signifies beginnings.  This marks the entry into the third year of this blog.  When we begin things, we begin with enthusiasm, optimism, and powerful energy.  We can celebrate that on which we embark and carry all the positive energy forward with us!

What better way to begin the third year of this blog than with light from the torch of Kenaz illuminating our path?  Of course, Kenaz is not only light, but is also associated with creativity.  This is where I make my promise to you for the coming year.  I promise to do my best to make the coming year fun and interesting, educational and enjoyable, and I hope that you will engage with me as we take our next steps on the path to explore the wonder of Runes.

As always, please feel free to comment on posts and email me with ideas, questions, and feedback.

Thank you for your support and encouragement!  I'm excited about the coming year! 


  1. I recently subscribed to your blog, looking forward reading archives plus new posts:) Kim

  2. What a beautiful example of the "dance" of divination! Seeing divination as an active act of reciprocation and dynamic dialogue, rather than a passive receiving of a static message. The Spirit of the Runes is to be revered but not as our unquestioned master. The Spirit of the Runes is a wise and creative partner in our lives as co-creators.

  3. Interesting Wi will take the time read further posts in the future. I am a newbie in the world of Runes.

    1. Please let me know if you have questions about the Runes. Also, if you have a google+ or facebook account, I have groups on both those sites called "Runes and the Futhark". You are welcome to join!

  4. Merry Meet and Congratulations on your secondblogiversary