Monday, June 24, 2013

Runes 202 - Bind Runes - Creative Energy

Last week, a friend and fellow writer asked me about a Rune to help her with the Children's books she writes, specifically a Rune for focus and energy.  However, I did a Rune interpretation related to focused energy two weeks ago.  And, I realized that, what my friend wanted was to be able to focus on her creative endeavor - writing.  So, I wanted to create a "situation" to support that effort.  To that end, instead of a single Rune, I envisioned a bind Rune of sorts.

Ingwaz, Eihwaz, and Kenaz came to me immediately.  Individually, these Runes represent fertility, stability, and light.  Bound together, they could look as simple as a diamond with a line down the middle.

The image that came to me, though, brought the Runes together, but kept them distinguishable from each other.  This bind Rune looked like this:

If we examine them together in more detail, we can see how they support and complement each other.

Ingwaz was first.  It is Freyr's Rune, symbolizing fertility, but also peace.  It creates a setting that that is ripe for the picking.  Moreover, it establishes the shape structure in the bind Rune.

Eihwaz, offers stability to the situation through the strength of the yew tree.  Because taking the time and creating the space we need for our creative endeavors requires a commitment on our part to stand up and make it okay to take the time in that space, Eihwaz also gives us courage to do that.  Interestingly, it runs through the middle of the bind Rune, providing the physical framework. 

Finally, Kenaz is more than simply light as the torch; it is also a creative force.  In fact, Kenaz is often associated with artists and craftspeople, making it he perfect room to represent writing (or any other artistic undertaking).

In this bind Rune, the creative force is settles into a fertile space created by Ingwaz and supported by the strength imbibed through Eihwaz.  This is why the image came to me as three distinct but connected Runes.

Ingwaz, by its shape and meaning, establish a fertile and peaceful space for Kenaz to engage in its creative endeavor.  At the same time, Eihwaz offers stability and strength to Kenaz to help it focus on making the most of its creativity; in the bind Rune, it appears to hold open the fertile space, like a tent pole.  Between Ingwaz and Eihwaz, Kenaz has an ideal opportunity to excel.


  1. This is beginning to seem like an unreliable form of sigil magick. Many characters form into one. A one to many rather than a many to one relationship inserts information into a system. This is based on Information Theoretical Axioms.

  2. My view of bind Runes is one of team work and bringing together a variety of meanings (or Rune strengths) to address a single issue.