Monday, January 28, 2013

Runes 401 - Rune Rituals - Fehu

Today, inspired by the activities of a friend, I begin a new series - Rune Rituals.  This is something I never imagined myself doing, but this is also why the saying "never say never" exists.    Most importantly, I am entering into this ritual, because I believe it will help me with my goal and not out of any act of desperation.  I think that is the key to being successful.

Now, while my friend was showing gratitude for having received some unexpected money, I want to bring money to me this year through my writing.  So, my reason for using Fehu is different.

Although I've never done anything like this myself, I have seen rituals and read about them, so I had a sense of them.  My goal in undertaking this ritual is simple; I want to use Fehu to bring money to me for my writing.

Briefly, here's my reasoning for choosing this as my first ritual.  For those of you who don't know, I have written a novel, called The Son of Nine Sisters, and am working on the sequel.  Through my company, The Jera Institute, I offer professional writing and editing services and lead a variety of writing and communication workshops.  It is through these endeavors that I want to make enough money going forward, so that all I have to do is write.  Now, on with the ritual.

To begin, I made a circle out of money and added some other money inside the circle.  The bowl is full of coins from around the world, because I hope to sell my writing talents internationally.  The small pile of bills includes Canadian and American dollars, because I believe this is where I will derive the majority of my income this year.  My novel is in the circle to represent my writing.  As this is, in my mind, my greatest writing feat to date, it was the most appropriate item to include.  The final items in the circle are three Runes, all Fehu and all made of different material.  The ceramic Fehu is from my original set of Runes, the paper Fehu is from the set of temporary Runes I made last summer, and finally, the guiding Rune, is drawn in water (see image below) next to the small pile of money.

I have been drawn to water my entire life, learning and accepting that it is my primal element when I lived at the beach in southern California.  Dipping my finger into my holy water (in the jar just outside the circle, given by Freyr when I began making my own set of Runes), I drew Fehu inside the circle, while repeating, "Water is my element, Fehu is my goal."  I should note that the jar was inside the circle when I was tracing Fehu with it.  After repeating it nine times and tracing Fehu with fresh water each time, I held my open hands, palms down, over the circle.  With Frigg in my heart, (because she is the one who came when I decided to attempt this ritual), I chanted, "I am open to receiving money; money will come to me for my writing."  Again, I did this nine times.  Nine is an important number in Norse mythology, so I felt it important to use it for the chants in my ritual.

Once I completed the chant, I pulled the energy toward me, nine times from the circle and then nine times from above and beside me.  I ended by reaching my arms out in the shape of Algiz, hands open too, then pulling them into my chest, crossing them in front of me, bowing my head and saying, "I embrace this gift."

Keep in mind that, although I have been using the Runes for readings for several years, this is my first ritual.  Please let me know how and if you use the Runes in your rituals.  I will let you know how this one works for me.  Have a fruitful week!


  1. Hi Karen:
    I'm really inspired by this marvelously creative ritual. I like that you have set clear intentions, and recognize that there are powers greater than yourself that ultimately help you bring in what you desire. I think this is a marvelous first ritual! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Lovely ritual, way to inspire the inspirer!!!I know, I know, that's not a -word- but still, you get what I mean ^_^

    I completely agree with Chantels comment about the creativity, & clear intentions!! One thing I've learned thru my working with the Universe is that you have got to be *very specific*!!!

    May we continue to inspire each other & ourselves, Cheers!!
    Amanda :)

  3. Hi...I randomly visited this site,cause this week for the first time I'm studying the rune magic and I like your ritual its very creative and with my expiriance with the universal energies I can sense flowing of peaceful harmonized and creative energies,thank you for the sharing and inspiring☺☺

    1. Hi Ljupcho,
      Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm glad you found it and even happier that you liked it and it helped you. I hope you'll visit again. Let me know if you have any questions. I also have pages on facebook and google+ (Runes and the Futhark) if you're interested.