Monday, February 4, 2013

Bittersweet Situations

How many times have you experienced something bittersweet?  These situations create conflict within us, split us between happy and sad, joy and frustration, discomfort and peace.  How do we manage them, temper ourselves, and stay focused?  Having experienced a situation like this recently, I decided to look to the Runes for some insight into managing this situation.

We begin with Nauthiz, the Rune of need and necessity.  On some level, this Rune is associated with negative emotions, I would say, in this instance, depicting a struggle.  This is a good summary of bittersweet, for it is a struggle between positive and negative emotions.  At the same time, there is almost a warning being stated that we must proceed with caution and care.  This is especially important to keep in mind, because bittersweet moments almost always involve someone else and, whether they are on the receiving end of the positive aspect of the situation or the negative, we must acknowledge that they are part of the moment.  Beyond that, Nauthiz also tell us that we must act with discipline and, by so doing, become able to do more than just move beyond an uncomfortable situation to actually reaping benefits from it.  In essence, we need to let the situation motivate us in a positive way, to make our own situation better.

Of course, that does not mean that we have to negate our own feelings and emotions in this situation.  But, Algiz, the Rune of protection and self-defense is there to help with that aspect of it.  Coupled with Nauthiz, Algiz helps us to see that, as we move through this moment in our lives, it is okay for us to experience both sides of our emotions.  It is good to see a loved one achieve an important goal or be recognized for their work.  At the same time, it is okay to feel sad that you have not yet achieved something you set out to do.  Although I did not draw Jera around this question, it is important to point out that this experience is a step in our own process, that we have to go through it to get to our goal.  Algiz just reminds us that this frustrating part is okay and that we can be happy for the person who is reaping benefits now and that we can build on this experience for ourselves.

Only if we recognize the split emotions of a bittersweet moment in our lives and realize that, through this process, we can both protect our loved one's feelings, while accepting our own, and make them okay to experience, will we grow and learn.  At that moment, we achieve clarity, which is why, I believe, Dagaz was the final Rune I received this week.  The Rune of day and clarity, Dagaz sheds important light on the situation.  Once we can see things clearly, not only have we processed and accepted the moment, but it helps us move forward in a positive way.  We gain a new understanding and, perhaps, even a refocusing of our goals or the way we were approaching them.

Now, as I watch snowflakes falling gently and seemingly silently in my back yard, I feel a moment of calm and peace, not just because of the view, rather because I realize that the Runes are right; I have successfully traversed this bittersweet situation in my life.  When you have one in yours, I hope that you can return to this post and realize that you can get through yours too.  Have a lovely week!

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