Monday, January 21, 2013

No More Procrastination

Through procrastination, we simply put off one of two things - the inevitable (ultimately having to complete the task we keep delaying) or failure.  Either way, in the end, we never feel satisfied.  Failure certainly makes us miserable, but there is little gratification in doing something we don't want to do or don't enjoy doing either.  Sometimes it's not even about that; sometimes there is just a lingering fear that we can't quite place or fully understand.  It's time to work on overcoming procrastination.  But how?  I will preface this by prompting you with Jera, the Rune of the harvest, which reminds us that everything is a process.  With that in mind, we can create a plan to get from A to B, but then focus only on one step at a time.  Now, we know some steps are harder than others, so what will it take to complete each step?

Interestingly, Jera was my second Rune in this line of questioning, so let's look at it in relation to the other two Runes I drew - Sowilo and Uruz - the Runes of the sun and aurochs, respectively.  These three Runes not only link and work together well, but they create a strong united force.

Remember, through Jera, we recognize that we are somewhere in the middle of a process.  To complete the process successfully, we create a plan.  Within that plan exists a series of steps to lead us to point B.  Rather than keeping our focus on B, we keep an eye on it, but focus instead on the individual steps in front of us.

Building on Jera as each step in the process needs to be completed, we gain support from Sowilo, the sun - a feminine energy to brighten our spirits and guide us with light and energy - and aurochs, the ox - a symbol of slow and steady strength, of courage and determination.

Another way to think about this is from the perspective of the farm field.  What do your crops need to grow?  The sun is a key ingredient.  How do you get the crops planted and harvested?  Through the strength of the ox that carries and pulls your plow, your wagon, and your other tools.  It's a simple example, I know.  But, think of how it applies to your life. 

What do you need to finish your project?  Use the strength of Uruz to find your own strength or tool to finish the job.  Find the light and energy offered by Sowilo to end the procrastination and feel good about finishing the task at hand.  As you go through this process and let these Runes of light and strength guide your progress, empower yourself and let your confidence grow.  You can do this and  do it well, then enjoy the satisfaction of overcoming procrastination.

I would wish you luck, but you don't need luck, you have the wisdom of the Runes to guide you.  Let me know how it goes; I have a few things to finish off myself this week and now I  know how to do it.

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