Monday, July 2, 2012

When a Little Extra Strength is Required

Strength comes in many forms - physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual.  This week, I have a very dear friend who needs a little extra mental and emotional strength to address a family crisis, so I asked the Runes how to accomplish this.  What guidance would they offer to my friend (or anyone else), who needs some additional support and focus over the next several days?

Let's begin with the crisis itself and the toll it takes on people, the way that it drains their strength.  Of course, the Runes gave me Mannaz, the Rune of Humanity, the self and higher self.  It reminds us of the circumstance of being human; we are flawed.  We all have strengths and weaknesses with which we must deal and manage.  It is during these times of crisis that our strengths and weaknesses are challenged.  We give into our weaknesses and that requires other to compensate by using their strengths to help us.  The struggle within this situation is to maintain that strength while helping our friend or family recover from the results of giving into their weakness.  But, how?

 You must trust yourself.  You know what must be done.  That is why the Runes showed us Laguz, the Rune of the sea and intuitiveness, for when we use our intuition, we can move the situation forward, toward healing and resolution.  This does not mean that what must be done is easy to accomplish, rather only that the required solution is easy to see.  Following through on that recognition is quite hard and that is where strength is both required and challenged.  Interestingly, Laguz is regularly related to mental health.  We must focus on maintaining our mental health, while helping another to recover theirs or another form of strength.  Now, we know that to heal this crisis, our strength will be challenged, but in the long run, we must trust our decisions and bring them to fruition.  Still, we must ask why.  Why must I do something that I really do not want to do or, more appropriately, that will challenge me (be hard)?

Algiz, the Rune of self-defense and protection, answers that question.  Surviving a crisis is one thing, but recovering, healing from it, is something entirely different and the ultimate goal.  It is the latter that must be done to preserve the "self", whether that refers to healing you, the person you're helping, or the entire situation.  When you care about someone, you do not want to see them suffer and, although you want to do whatever you can to help them, you must be willing to do whatever it takes all the way and not settle for a situation that approaches "close enough".  Why?  Because the situation will just repeat itself.  By trusting yourself and following through on the solution to the problem, you don't only protect the person your helping, you preserve them in a healthier state.

No one said this was going to be easy, but the long-term gains will make it a worthwhile investment.  This week I send out positive energy to support my friend and all of you who need a little extra strength to manage a crisis.

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