Monday, September 19, 2011

Not Done Yet

Although I have completed the first draft of my first novel, which I did last night, I know I am not done with my novel yet.  Today, I drew Runes to help me through the surreal feeling that I mentioned last week and which has grown stronger over the past few days as I wrote the final words in my book.  There is a great challenge in completing something that doesn't feel real, that creates a sense only of floating with direction, but not being able to see the direction clearly.

The overview of my current dreamlike state gives me strength.  Uruz is the Rune of the WIld Ox, an Aurochs, which represents strength.  I drew it in its reversed position.  It has been brought to my attention that the idea of a reversed Rune doesn't occur in the historical representation of Runes.  I accept that, but it doesn't negate how fitting the first sentence of the meaning of Uruz reversed is from my book of Runes.  "Without ears to hear and eyes to see, you may fail to take advantage of the moment."  I interpret this as the surreal feeling I am experiencing right now and the fear that I have of not being able to capitalize on the process, because it doesn't feel tangible.  That line is a good overview of the way that I feel right now.  However, the idea of the Wild Ox alone, whether reversed or not, is also important to help me realize that this Rune represents strength.  I must find some form of strength, most likely mental or emotional, to take the next step in this process effectively.

Did I just say, "Process?"  I must have, because I drew my old friend Jera, the Rune of the Harvest as the challenge of my current state.  I draw this Rune more than any other and I am grateful every time to have the reminder that everything has a process through which it must travel to reach fruition, just as the soil must be tilled, crops planted and watered, before they are ready to harvest.  A lot of hard work goes into that process and the same holds true for each task we undertake.  While I have completed the first draft of my novel, if I hope to benefit truly and offer a well-written and interesting story to my readers, much work remains to be done.

Once again (just like last week), the action Rune in this draw is Inguz, the Rune of fertility, associated with Freyr, the Norse god of fertility.  I won't be redundant and simply repeat what I wrote last week, rather elaborate on the notion of fertility.  This Rune is a signal to me that things are in place for me to move forward; the ground is fertile so to speak.  The book is written, ready to be edited and reviewed and edited again.  After that, I will call on Jera again to help me complete the process and publish the book.

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