Monday, September 12, 2011

Nearing Completion

This week, I am nearing the completion of something that I consider to be a lifelong project - my first novel.  That is not to say that I have been working on this particular novel my entire life; actually, it has been about three years off and on.  However, I have wanted to be a writer since I was a very small child.  While there is more to come about my novel, for now, I am at the point of, well, near completion.  The feeling this realization provokes is quite surreal.  It is an extremely odd feeling to have something that I have dreamed about accomplishing since childhood coming to fruition.  To that end, I turned to the Runes for guidance on completing this part of the process.

The overview of the situation was dead on.  I drew Isa - Ice.  Frozen, stillness.  Yep.  I've stalled.  I'm not moving forward, at least not at a detectable pace.  Granted that is for a few reasons, not the least of which is other, more immediate, commitments.  On top of that, the overwhelming fear of finishing the writing and what lies beyond this part of the process (aka - publishing) trumps or creates my inability to satisfactorily bring all the final pieces together to finish the story and set the tone for the sequel.  So I heed to the Runes assessment and accepting this helps me to take the next step.

The sea challenges me in this endeavor.  Yes, for the challenge in this draw, I received Laguz, the Rune of water, flow, the sea, movement.  As I alluded to, I have spent the past several days in stillness on the writing front.  Of course, I must face the uncertainties and nervousness about completing this phase of my project and move forward, though the flow may not be smooth all the time.  I must trust that, wherever it takes me, I am heading where I need to go to be successful.  The sea will swallow me up unless I can come to terms with it, understand it and move with it.

The best part of this draw?  The action comes from Inguz, the Rune of fertility, associated with the Norse god Freyr, god of fertility.  Inguz assures me that I am the only thing preventing me from completing this part of my journey.  In fact, it reminds me that I have spent many years studying the subject of my novel and, through that process, created fertile ground on which to build (or, in this case, write) my dream.  I need only to focus on what I know already and write the final words.

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