Monday, September 26, 2011

Inspire Us

I had planned to continue with the Runes 101 series today, but I've decided to wait until next week for that, so please stay tuned.  Instead, today I want to focus on energy and inspiration to get our week started on the right foot and to embrace the changing seasons.  Therefore, I asked the Runes what guidance they would offer all of us so that we can feel energized, inspired and excited about this moment in our lives.  Here are the three Runes I drew:  Dagaz, Hagalaz, Raido

Dagaz is the Rune for Day, a time when things become more clear, when we can see things clearly.  This Rune may represent a moment of clarity, a breakthrough in understanding, or even a sense of safety or comfort.  The darkness is gone and, through the light we now see, we can look at the untapped potential that is waiting for us and both externally and that lies within us.  Day gives us energy.  Being able to see things clearly or understand them, should (or could if we choose to allow it to) inspire us.  Are you excited yet?

Hagalaz, Hail, is another one of my favorite Runes.  This Rune of destructive and creative force, of disruption, is very powerful.  It liberates us in the sense that, although it is a storm and may destroy some aspect of our lives, in its wake it leaves the requirement for creativity and perseverance.  The storm may also serve to nourish us if we see the hail as water.  Either way, Hagalaz signifies a new phase beginning in our lives.  How we choose to engage in it is up to us.

Now that we can see the new phase of our lives beginning, what do we do?  Raido tells us it is a journey, which all new life phases are.  At the beginning, these journeys can culminate in anything our minds can create.  They exist as nothing more or less than pure potential.  Visualize your potential and take this journey to bring that vision to fruition.  The power is within you.  Good luck!  Have a wonderful week and let me know how things work out.

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