Monday, August 1, 2011

...Now Stand on One Foot

In today's world, we are overwhelmed with distractions and demands that we allow others to put on us.  When we take on too much - hold this, take this, do this for me, you have a free hand? do this, carry this, now stand on one foot - at one time, we lose more than balance in our lives.  We lose mindfulness and, in return, we gain stress, tension, anger, frustration and so on.  So, how do we find a balance again?  How do we stop doing more than we can manage reasonably?  How do we become mindful in our choices?

I asked the Runes for some guidance on this front and, as usual, they did  not disappoint.  The three Runes that I drew were: Nauthiz reversed for the overview, Hagalaz for the challenge, and Kano for the action.  What guidance is found in this draw?

Nauthiz is the Rune of Constraint, but, in this role, it does not mean do nothing or refrain yourself.  Reversed, it warns us that growth is not easy and sometimes must occur within certain limits or pain.  Moreover, it may be that many of us can see the light only when we are here, in the dark, a great darkness.  When we see that light from our dark place, we see our own true creative abilities and that is what we want to follow.  In essence, through this Rune in its reversed position, we must undergo a cleansing to find a balance.  If your plate is full, you must remove something before you can add something new.  Piling is not beneficial.

Hagalaz is one of my favorite Runes, because so many people shrug with disappointment when they draw it.  However, the Rune of Disruption offers so many positive things.  It allows us to break free from our stale routine.  In fact, it liberates us from it.  It may show us a change that is gradual or it may side swipe us, but through this process, Hagalaz tells us it is time for us to grow.  We are ready, whether we believe it or not.

The action in this draw, for this question of mindfulness and balance, is perfect - Kano, the Rune of Opening.  Remember that darkness that Nauthiz reversed told us about?  Well, that may well be where we are, but with our challenge being the forced growth of Hagalaz, Kano assures us that we are ready to step out of that darkness, cast off those things which are weighing us down, making us unhappy.  Kano provides two important perspectives to accomplish the step into the light.  First, Kano reminds us that, with more light, we can see things better.  This should make it easier to cast away those things which matter so little.  Kano's second point is that we must focus on our intention and make it clear.  This is how all new endeavors begin.

So, let's all take a moment to breathe, reflect and release those burdens that bring negativity into our lives.  What a wonderful way to start the week.

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  1. thanks for the link, Karen. wisdom from runes is wonderful