Monday, August 15, 2011

Da Vinci and the Runes

Don't get the wrong idea about this post.  This is not an article about how Leonardo da Vinci used the Runes, rather how the Runes might help us to prepare to think like him.  Several years ago, I read the book "How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci" and, inspired by a creativity article I read recently, I have picked it up again.  This time, however, I am committing to attempting to incorporate the seven step process in the book into the ways in which I think and approach life.  The first of the seven steps in the book is curiosity.  As my first step, I was curious to know what guidance the Runes would offer as I begin this journey.

For the overview of this ensuing endeavor, I drew Fehu, the Rune of Possessions.  What this Rune really asks us to do is to determine what possessions are important to us.  That is to say, do we prefer material things, health and well-being, knowledge and so on?  This journey is, I believe, one of knowledge, because I am seeking to see things in new ways, uncover things I hadn't noticed before, and question what I don't understand.

So, how will this attempt at curiosity challenge me?  According to Kano reversed, the Rune of Openings, I am put on notice that some aspect of who I am now will no longer be valid.  By letting go of past ways, I will find opportunity, but it may not be as easy as I think.  There may be a time of unsteadiness as I let go of the old, adopt the new and become comfortable again.

I should have expected none other than Thurisaz, the Rune of the Gateway, for the action in this journey.  It is actually a Rune of inaction and recommends approaching the gateway, but not passing through it without much contemplation.  As a way to complement Fehu, Thurisaz is telling me to take inventory of what I know and have learned already.  Use what is appropriate and discard freely the rest.

This week, I will prepare.  Next week, I will step through  the gateway and share how well I do with  "Curiosity".  Anyone care to join me?

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