Monday, August 8, 2011

I Don't Wanna!!

Many times in life, we must do things that we don't necessarily want to do.  Today, I asked the Runes for counsel in such circumstances.  The guidance they offer is an approach to make the process more bearable and, quite possibly allow you to enjoy it and learn from it.

Eihwaz, the Rune of Defense provides the overview of the situation.  Defense means simply that now is not the time to go on the offensive, because it will not bear fruit.  You cannot influence the situation at the moment; you must move within it, be patient.  Do not try to force an outcome or bully or push your way through what is blocking your path.  For now, look listen and learn.  Begin to recognize potential consequences, so that when you make your decision to act, it comes easily.

The challenge within this type of situation is the desire for forward movement, which is why the second Rune of this draw was Ehwaz - the Rune of Movement and Progress - reversed.  In its reversed position, Ehwaz reminds you that, what is yours will come to you at the right moment in time.  Although you may not want the opportunities that are presenting themselves right now, be grateful that you have opportunities to address.  The opportunities you truly desire may not be appropriate right now, but you can gain knowledge and insight from the ones that are available.  Perhaps they must help to better prepare you for the opportunities you do want.

Interestingly, the action for this drawing is Dagaz, which is the Rune of Breakthrough and Transformation.  Perhaps by accepting and pursuing what is within your reach at the moment, even though you "don't wanna", you set your direction toward your desired outcome, despite that fact that it may not be apparent to you from your current perspective.  Trust that what you can see will help guide you to what it is you want to see.  Stay focused.  Work hard.  Do it happily and put the darkness behind you.

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