Sunday, April 3, 2011

Welcome to the Runes

The Runes are a wonderful way to find support and guidance in dealing with life's issues and challenges, whether it's managing daily routines, finding a new job or a new love, dealing with a difficult person or situation.  The Runes show you what you already know, but present it in a way that is accepting and honest.

To celebrate the initiation of this blog, I drew a Rune.  Not only does the Rune represent the beginnings of this blog, but it gives newcomers to the Runes a glimpse into the abilities they offer for guiding our decisions.

The Rune I drew was Wunjo.  Wunjo is the Rune of joy.  It is a Rune of Restoration and a fruit-bearing branch and indicates a coming into one's self.  A life-shift was due and this Rune symbolizes its arrival.  The blessing of Wunjo can be received openly now and that blessing may be material gain, emotional strength or a heightened sense of well-being.  This Rune represents a stepping across the gap, allowing the energies around us to aid in our accomplishment.  Joy comes with this recent accomplishment and new energy is released.  With this life-shift comes a new clarity.  When Wunjo is drawn, it shows the self aligned with the Self, essentially, daily life falling in line with who one truly is.

For today, I share the Rune of joy and restoration with all of you and wish you a day of peace and happiness.

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