Sunday, April 17, 2011

I am not psychic

Today, I attended a psychic expo.  What did I find there?  Two appearances by Runes, though one was called "ruins" and they were for sale $1 a stone with explanations for their meanings that were curt and, largely,  incorrect.  The other display was merely that, a display.  There was no Rune reading offered.  Mainly there were tarot card readers, mediums and other future forecasters.  Did I count myself among them?  No.  This experience reinforced my belief that Runes stand in contrast to the psychic world.  They do not predict.  They offer guidance.

This experience was not what I was hoping for, but there are lessons to be learned from every experience and encounter.  So, I drew a Rune for this adventure.  What did I get?  Nauthiz, the Rune of constraint.  This Rune shows what's lurking in the shadows, those aspects of ourselves that create barriers and obstacles to our accomplishments.  This Rune is timely as I was there to explore a new business idea I have.  Nauthiz cautions examination and consideration, but not stopping.  Progress happens even when money is not coming in.  Whether its establishing a relationship with a new client, purchasing or repairing equipment, or doing paperwork, things move forward in areas where progressing is safe or supports other aspects of what you want to accomplish.

So, I am not a psychic, but I want to help people address the prime issues of concern that they are facing.  How can I do that?  With the Runes as an oracle.

Please contact me for a personal Rune reading.

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