Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Solstice Runes

Saturday marked the first day of summer (up north) - the solstice.  Last year, I wrote about Runes for the Solstice and decided to inquire about this powerful time of year once more.  While last year's post was more about making the most of the energy and power of the solstice, this year, I asked more about being with the solstice, connecting with it.  The Runes offered their usual keen insight, including a reminder that last year's question still applies.

The first Rune they gave to me was Dagaz, the day Rune.  There is not a more appropriate way to begin to address my question, than there is with the day Rune.  It reminds us simply that the summer solstice is the longest day of the year.  We should acknowledge the time we have to get things done; whether it's work or play, Dagaz lights the way and helps us see things more clearly.  In a way, this enhances our ability to be aware of this energizing time of year.  We can enjoy the warmth and feel hopeful not only about what lies ahead, but about what we've accomplished so far.  In essence, we can be in the present without worry of the past or what the future holds.

Fehu is the cattle Rune, representing money and prosperity.  Two weeks ago, I wrote about Runes for You and Fehu came up there as the Rune from Verdandi (the present).  How timely that, as Dagaz tells us we can be in the present, we draw Verdandi's Rune from two weeks ago.  In that post, I focused on the Rune poem meanings for this Rune and the idea of spreading the wealth/equity.  However, it is important to remember that, in today's world at least, wealth and prosperity can mean far more than simply money.  Given this high energy time of the year and Verdandi telling us to share the wealth, we should focus on sharing all forms of it, not just money - being kind to others, spreading joy and positive energy, doing even small things that could have a big impact.  What wealth do you have that you can extend to others?

As if Fehu's notion of giving to or sharing with others wasn't enough, Ehwaz is our final Rune.  The horse Rune, signifies many important and practical aspects to life that relate to interacting with others and forming relationships, such as loyalty, teamwork, and partnerships.  In this way, Ehwaz supports Fehu, by saying, "We are all in this (life's journey) together."  And, we should try to make the journey a pleasurable one for everyone by doing our small part.  It may even be that the attributes of Ehwaz are the wealth we can spread.

The summer solstice is a powerful time of year. We can make the most of its energy by coming together to share all forms of prosperity, which connects us with this solstice's power and enriches us and those around us.

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  1. just a q:, why isn't Kenaz on this list? traditionally summer solstice rituals involve fire, so wouldn't the rune for the torch and fire be prominent? just curious