Monday, August 13, 2012

Runes 201 - Individual Runes - Fehu

Fehu is interpreted as the Rune of money.  However, strictly speaking, the Rune's original meaning was cattle, because cattle was the first form of money.  It was how wealth was measured.  Of course, today, we have numerous ways by which to measure wealth and wealth does not always refer to financial riches.  How ever you measure your wealth, this week's question is - how can you use Fehu to gain that richness in your life?

I've grown attached to my temporary set of Runes (the picture of which is now included in last week's post), so I used them to answer this week's question and help us to better understand the Rune - Fehu.  They seem to have worked quite well, giving me Wunjo, Dagaz, and Ehwaz.

The Rune of Joy, Wunjo, fits well with this situation, as we are seeking something that aids in our joy or improves our situation.  However, Wunjo also reminds us to be grateful for the things that we possess already, to be thankful for the basic necessities we have in our lives, such as food, shelter, water.  Beyond that, we must remember friends and family and the luxuries of modern life.  When our basic requirements are satisfied, we can begin to look at those things that bring us joy, things that make our lives richer.  In other words, our "cattle" can be money, but money is simply the tool we use to acquire some things that make us happy.  That said, there are plenty of things that require no money, but still give us the feeling of wealth, such as being able to read or write a book, watching a sunrise or sunset.  All of these things are wealth that we pursue.

Every situation faces a challenge and, in the pursuit of wealth, a primary challenge is recognizing that which we consider to be truly valuable.  That is why our challenge is represented by Dagaz, the Rune of day or light.  This translates to the idea of clarity or hope.  Once we see things clearly, gain a greater awareness, our priorities, likewise, become clear.  To me, Dagaz is a strong Rune, because finding your own clarity around important issues is critically important.  Once we make and accept the priorities that we, ourselves, have defined, only then can we begin to follow a true path to the wealth we seek.

Ehwaz, the Rune of the horse, offers the steps we must take to accomplish our pursuit of finding and enjoying those things that enrich our lives.  The horse was sacred to many Germanic tribes and, I believe that, drawing this Rune as the required action to address the question of how best to utilize Fehu, indicates a level of intense commitment.  Unlike Raido, which signals a physical journey, this Rune symbolizes a either spiritual one or the formation of a special partnership, akin to that between horse and rider, or friendship.  If we expect to see the light, to have our epiphany, and live enriched lives, we must take our pursuit of those answers seriously, but realize that what we perceive as wealth may not be perceived so by others.  That does not make us wrong, just of different points of view.

Fehu offers us a way to enrich our lives, to fill our lives with a variety of experiences and, once we realize what truly matters and focus on those things, we will understand Fehu.

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