Monday, September 9, 2013

Runes 403 - Rune Interpretations - True to Yourself

I'm having one of those days when I have so many potential questions that I'd like to ask the Runes that I decided, instead of picking one and asking about it, to let the Runes choose which question they would like to answer.  Interestingly, with three Runes, they answered them all and reinforced everything I've been feeling for the past few weeks.

With all my questions dancing unchoreographed through my mind, I asked the Runes, "Which question would you like to answer?"  They gave me Sowilo.

"Interesting," I Smile.  "What would you like to tell me about Sowilo?"  They gave me Mannaz.

"Okay, I get that.  What about Mannaz?"  They gave me Wunjo.

For me, this is a very powerful selection from the Runes.  It provides positive strength answers my questions so simply and clearly.

Sowilo is the Rune of the sun, a hopeful sign, representing good fortune.  But, if we dig deeper and contemplate the sun, it means more than day or light; it represents a clearing.  The clouds are lifting, the sun is rising and it nourishes Earth.  Following this line of thought, the sun is life giving, a feminine power spreading its energy across the land and water for everyone to use.  It gives of itself, offering one of the most basic necessities in life.  Our job is to determine what that means for us at any given moment.  What is your greatest need?  Not a want or desire, but a need.  What Sowilo tells us here is that that basic need will be met.  Dawn is coming.

This is the tricky part, because Mannaz is the Rune of the self.  It represents not only us as individuals, but humanity and culture as it shapes who we are.  In this position, following on Sowilo's assurance that your basic need can be fulfilled, you must look at how you can work with Sowilo to ensure it, because it is within your grasp, but it is not simply going to happen. It requires some effort on your part.  I love Mannaz here, because it reinforces Sowilo by saying,  "Be true to yourself."  That is the effort.  Of course, you must function within a society with which you may not always see eye-to-eye. So, there is the rub or lesson - learn to be true to yourself within the confines of your current situation, but keep moving toward what you need.

Wunjo, as the Rune of joy and pleasure, is the obvious result of those efforts.  However, what you must remember is that joy and pleasure did not mean exactly the same thing to our ancestors.  So many of our basic needs are fulfilled, that we often take them for granted.  Before you move forward to acquiring your current need, take time to reflect and appreciate everything that you have already.  This ties in nicely with Mannaz's lesson.  Although you may not see eye-to-eye with some aspect of your life right now, you must recognize and acknowledge the benefits you have within its confines.  Simply put, it's not all bad and, even though it is okay to need something else, you should be grateful for the needs that are fulfilled in your life right now.

This week, I am especially grateful to the Runes for this guidance, not only because they answered all my questions, but because they also showed me how intertwined everything is and how I can sort it all out.  Next time I am feeling overwhelmed by questions, I know where to begin - by being true to myself.

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