Monday, March 4, 2013

Runes 201 - Individual Runes - Sowilo

Welcome to March!  This month, in the northern hemisphere, we really begin to see the return of the sun, reaching a balanced point around the world on March 20th - the equinox, when all of Earth receives twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness.  This year, I hope to make the most of the sun's return and, with the approaching equinox, I inquired about Sowilo, the sun Rune.  How can we embrace the returning sun and make the most of the increased energy and light we receive?

Sowilo, the Rune of the sun offers good fortune if properly utilized.  I especially like the way that Sven Plowright explains it in his book, The Rune Primer, as "a sign to lift the spirit".  In essence, the sun gives us energy literally and figuratively.  How can we incorporate that energy into our lives as we move forward this year?

The three Runes that offer to guide us in this endeavor are Perthro, Tiwaz, and Fehu.  I find this group to be particularly interesting and fitting.

We begin with Perthro, a Rune whose meaning is social; it encompasses friendly games and competitions that take place in social venues. It requires social interactions and, on some level perhaps, a rite of passage.  Essentially, it provides us with an opportunity to engage; engage with others, engage in a process of initiation and acceptance.  Through Perthro, we realize the power of Sowilo energizes and inspires us to accomplish goals and move forward.

Thankfully, we have Tiwaz supporting those efforts.  This is one of my favorite Runes, Týr's Rune, Norse Mythology's sky god, the left-handed god.  In this draw, both aspects are important.  The relationship to the sky is an obvious one, but it is the latter that we must look at in more detail.  I have recounted the story of Týr and his sacrifice in past posts (Runes 201 - Individual Runes - Berkana, A Rune for Time), but what I would like to look at now is why he might have put his hand in Fenrir's mouth, why he would take that risk, knowing what the outcome would be.  I believe the bottom line is that the gain was greater than the loss.  What this Rune, in this instance, tells us is that part of embracing Sowilo involves taking risk to move forward, but not risk for the sake of risk, rather a calculated risk, where you comprehend the potential outcomes of the risk.  This means that, like Týr, we must understand our actions and a good way to do that is to have a plan.  Channel Sowilo's energy into your plan, which outlines how your rite of passage, through Perthro, will occur.

Our final Rune is an obvious result of embracing Sowilo through Perthro and Tiwaz.  If we allow the sun's energy to carry us forward and we channel that energy through a well-thought out plan, in the end, we reap the rewards.  Bear in mind, however, that Fehu, while representing wealth, does not necessarily mean money in the modern sense.  Fehu literally means cattle, which was a primary measure of wealth in Viking times.  Now, I am not suggesting you will end up with cattle, rather that wealth takes many forms.  Friendship, property, equipment, insight, and wisdom are all forms of wealth.  If money is your goal, make that clear as you begin your rite of passage, driven by Sowilo and supported by Tiwaz, both of which are forms of wealth in their own right.

Sowilo can provide us with energy to pursue and achieve our goals and, if we are smart about it, once we complete our rite of passage, our lives will be more enriched from it.

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