Monday, June 4, 2012

Life on the Fringe

Since high school, people have tried to fit me into a given group or set of people.  While I think I am pretty easily defined, that definition falls, in parts only, into various groups.  Lately, I  found a group to which I am very drawn by its openness, acceptance, and peaceful approach to life.  Still, there are aspects to this group about which I remain ambivalent.  I decided to seek guidance form the Runes on this issue, because I think this is something that many of us face or have faced in our lives.  How do I join this group as fully as I can and embrace it, while maintaining my individuality?
I was caught off-guard by Isa, the Rune of ice or a standstill.  However, after some contemplation, I realized that this Rune is a fair representation of my current situation.  For am I not looking at something I find beautiful and tempting, but exercising caution, because of potential risks yet to be revealed?  Still, I wonder about ice as one of the primal elements, which is another aspect to this Rune.  Could it be this question is asking about some primary thing I need to create my world the way that earth, air, fire, and Isa (ice) created ours?
As interesting as Isa is to contemplate, Eihwaz, as the challenge in this instance, peaks my curiosity even more.  This Rune of stability and the yew tree presents a tough situation, a test in a sense.  I believe this means that I have made my choice; I stand with and support this new group.  The next step is to stand my ground on the issue.  If I commit to this, I cannot turn tail when questioned about my choice.  Luckily, I find this new group quite welcoming and inspiring, so demonstrating my commitment to it to others will be easy.
I must confess, the Rune for the action around this question is quite pleasing - Sowilo, the Rune of the sun and wholeness.  Drawing this Rune lifted my spirits, just as it is intended to do.  Further, it allowed another opportunity for me to contemplate my question and how I will address it personally.  Becoming part of a group doesn't require me to give 100% of myself, rather to give 100% of the part I give to the group.  This is great advice, in general.  If you are going to participate in something, do it completely or don't waste your time and the time of others who are committed to it.  If you are going to engage, engage completely, but don't not feel like you have to engage always.

That's a good way to start this week.  I hope it helps you too.  Next week, I'm cutting my Rune staves, so stay tuned!

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