Monday, January 16, 2012

The Role it Plays

Sometimes we think we have great life-altering ideas.  Maybe they are life-altering, who is to say?  However, not every great idea we have works out as we planned.  So, when this happens, how do we process it and give it its rightful place in our lives?  I asked the Runes this very question, because I have tried plenty of things that have not fulfilled my vision of what they would do.  I asked this question, because this situation can, often times, be one of the most emotionally charged things in our lives.  It can make us feel like we are on top of the world or like we've been crushed by a rock, though it's usually something in-between these two extremes.

Laguz is the Rune of the sea and represents the overview of this situation.  So, what does Laguz say about our current circumstance if it is represented by the entire expanse of the water on Earth?  The sea is deep and mysterious, every-changing.  It has stormy areas and calm bays.  There are warm and cold currents, smooth flowing water and torrents that bash rocks at the shore and ships at sea.  Yet, each of these parts works together to balance the ocean.  I can relate to this.  In my life, there are stormy, unsettled areas and places where I can go to have calm, peace.  There are aspects of it that are warm and inviting and others that I must tread carefully.  Sometimes, I feel like I am being bashed against the rocks by the force of the sea.  Traditional interpretations liken Laguz to our subconscious, while new age explanations refer to the ebb and flow of life and the idea of unknown forces at work.  In other words, our current overall situation is very complex, some of it conscious, some not; some areas going really well, others not so much and it's all happening for a variety of reasons from many different influences.  So, how do we balance all of these aspects so that we can function as well as the sea does?

Our challenge is Tiwaz, our old friend the warrior Rune, the Rune of the god Týr.  This is the third time I've drawn this Rune in two months.  (The other two posts were The State of the World last month and, two weeks ago, Opportunities in the New Year.)  We are still in self-sacrifice mode, but we must remain focused on longer term or overarching goals.  Our short term sacrifices support those long term plans.  This is the challenge: to put those short term steps in order, realizing that not every one of them is going to play the role we had intended, but they will play some role, even if it means learning from our mistakes.  It's not always easy, but if we stay strong, we will get through the stormy waters and into that calm bay... successfully.

Although Tiwaz remains our challenge, our action has gone from one of necessity and guidance (Nauthiz) to strength (Uruz) and now, we have arrived at Ansuz, the Rune of Communication.  We began by showing restraint, while we formulated our ideas. Next, we recognized that we have the strength to take our ideas and transform them into plans toward accomplishing our dreams.  Now comes the time to communicate them.  Well, that can mean a lot of things.  New Age beliefs around this Rune lean towards receiving information and, sometimes, refer to Ansuz as the Messenger Rune.  They recommend paying close attention in all interactions, in meetings, relationships, chance meetings, and with "wise" people.  Essentially, be open at all times, because you never know when an opportunity will present itself.  Traditionally, this Rune is associated with Odin, the chief of the Norse Gods.  Odin is the god of many things, not the least of which is the Runes themselves, a tool for magic and communication.  How do we communicate our plans then?  And to whom?  The Runes suggest that, by paying extra attention to things, looking for opportunities and taking advantage of those things that present themselves, we will know how and when.  Perhaps the challenge of Tiwaz's self-sacrifice is that, when we recognize those moments, those openings, we must be brave and present our plans knowing that they may or may not be accepted as we intended.  Only in doing this, in knowing this is true, and accepting it, will we be able to assign things their rightful role in our plans.

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