Monday, December 26, 2011

What is the message?

Today, I had hoped to write the fourth installment of Runes in History from the Runes 101 series.  However, I need to do a little more research on the initial story I found before I share it with you.  Until then, I hope you will enjoy today's draw.

Though not a random draw like the last draw I did where I asked the Runes what they wanted to show me; for this draw, I did ask a similar question, "What is the message?"  This was in reference to my own writing.  As many of you know, I am revising my first novel and have started my second.  I wish I could spend all my time writing; I love doing it so much.  However, reality tells me otherwise and insists, out of necessity if nothing else, that I balance my passion with my basic needs.  If you have a passion and need to balance it with other aspects of your life, maybe this reading will help you too.

My draw was Dagaz, Nauthiz, and Uruz.

Simply put, Day exemplifies the overview of this situation.  Dagaz is the Rune of Day, clarity.  When light is shed on something, what it is becomes clearer.  Silhouettes take solid form and scary shapes become everyday objects.  This implies that my view of my current circumstance is becoming clearer.  With this understanding, finding a balance between spending every waking hour writing and researching that about which I want to write and doing things that are required (like working in a more traditional setting to bring in money) should become easier or more acceptable.  I should see a light at the end of the tunnel, but I must still focus on what is at hand and try not to race directly to the light.  If I do, I will miss something that needs to be done along the way and the light will either move further away or disappear, because I have created more obstacles for myself.  By moving toward the light and addressing the things that arise along the path to the light, I will move closer to the light and accomplish my ultimate goal.  For me, that goal is writing.  What is it for you?

On every path, there is a challenge and my challenge in this situation comes, appropriately enough, in the form of Nauthiz, the Rune of Need and Necessity.  New age interpretations of this Rune take the basics of need a step further and discuss it from the aspect of restraint or constraint.  For while I want to race toward the light, I must show restraint and focus on the needs my family and I have.  An ,given by Ralph Blum, is that when fishermen can't go fishing, they repair their nets.  Similarly, although I can't spend all my time writing... yet... I can work on my writing skills in other ways and that is what I am doing.  The work I am doing requires writing, lots of it.  Even though it's not the style of writing I'd prefer to be doing, it is writing nonetheless, and I am grateful that I get to write in some form.  If you aren't able to use some form of your passion in your job, I hope you can set aside time  to do it when you aren't working.  It is so important for your piece of mind.

Uruz, the Rune of Strength, exemplified by the Wild Ox provides this week's action.  Where day gives us clarity and and our basic needs challenge us when all we want to do is pursue our passion, the wild ox reminds us that we must be strong to accomplish our ultimate passion all the time.  In fact, traditionally, this Rune is thought to be useful for gaining strength.  I sure need it to continue to move forward toward the light, which is where I will get to pursue my passion for a living.  I find the burning desire I have inside of me to write provides me with more strength than I thought I possessed though.  At the same time, that desire fuels the challenge I have not to run directly to the light.  I hope your passion is a bit more even tempered under the same circumstance.  Now, I have to find a way to balance the strength that comes from my passion to write.  How are you doing at finding your balance in your strength?

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