Monday, December 12, 2011

The Random Draw

Today, I find myself at a crossroads of sorts.  There are a number of things about which I want to ask the Runes for guidance and clarity.  Since I can't decide, I turned the tables on the Runes.  I asked them to show me what they wanted me to know and promised I would figure it out.  The catch is that I can figure out only what the draw means for me.  So, you will have to see if and how it fits your situation.  The three Runes I was given are Laguz, Ingwaz/Inguz, and my favorite - Jera.

Laguz is the Rune of the Sea, of Flow and Intuition.  I found it quite amusing that the new age interpretation for this Rune includes living without understanding or evaluating things and that it is a Rune of intuition.  A challenge, perhaps, for my request to have the Runes show me what they want me to see and the promise that I will figure out to what they refer.  Maybe they don't want me to see anything at the moment.  To be sure, traditional meanings related to Laguz refer to the mysterious depths of the sea and liken it to the subconscious mind.  Okay, so maybe the Runes are telling me that they don't need to tell me, because I already know it on some level.  A cleansing, reevaluation is called for.  I should look at what I have and, if I move things around a bit, I will see more clearly what I need to know.

The challenge around this mystery is Ingwaz/Inguz and relates to the Norse god Freyr, the god of fertility and plenty.  That Freyr was brave and passionate cannot be doubted.  He is the god who fought and was killed by Surtr, the fire giant, in the final battle.  Looking at why he was killed reveals his passion.  He fell so deeply in love with the giantess Gerðr that he gave his sword to his servant Skínir to get him to go and bring Gerðr to him to be his wife.  Thus, Freyr did not have his sword, then, when he came up against Surtr at Ragnarök.  While passion drives me most of the time the message I get from this is that passion must be guided by practicality and planning.  Whatever your "sword" is, don't be too quick to give it away.

The action comes from Jera, the Rune of the Harvest.  This reminds me that everything has a process through which it must travel to fruition.  Hard work, good planning and judgement are required here to complete the cycle successfully.  The best part of this Rune lies within the traditional interpretation, which claims that if the investor (aka me or you) benefits, the community will benefit.  This is a worthwhile venture.

Have you figured out how this applies to your life?  Because now I know that an idea that popped up for me a few days ago is one worth pursuing and that I must continue my lifelong quest to be a writer.  I hope you can see how this applies to you and that we all have success with turning our dreams and ideas into reality.

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