Saturday, April 28, 2018

Runes 202 - Bind Runes - Focus on Health

I've been feeling a little blah physically for a couple of months, but with the warming weather,  now's the time to start incorporating more physical activity into my life.  To help me focus on my physical well-being, I decided to make a bind Rune.  Normally, I draw three Runes and bind those together.  This time, however, I chose the Runes instead.

I had two Runes in mind already - Algiz and Eihwaz.  Algiz was my first choice, because it is the Rune of self defense and protection.  By extension, it becomes about self care, for if you are defending or protecting yourself, is that not a way of caring for yourself?  Algiz has come to me in many Rune draws, but rarely fit as direct self defense.  Thinking of it as self care works in many instances, and it works here too.

Next was Eihwaz.  The Rune of the yew tree represents inner strength, a toughness that, in this instance, places the self care of Algiz at the center of attention.  Eihwaz makes it a priority, by recognizing its importance.

Choosing the third Rune was more of a challenge.  I narrowed it down to four - Fehu, Nauthiz, Jera, and Uruz.  Each presented me with a strong message for focusing on physical health.  Fehu, the domesticated cow is often likened to financial issues.  However, more broadly, it represents wealth, which can take many forms, thus prompting the question of value - placing value on physical health.  I do, but I didn't feel that I needed that reminder.  Nauthiz, the Rune of need and necessity, states unequivocally, that I need to take care of my physical health.  I agree, so this Rune was not a necessity.  Jera is always a great Rune, reminding us that everything is a process.  I almost went with that, because that is a reminder that I do need.  That's also why Jera is my guiding Rune...always.  So, again, not needed in the bind Rune.

Then, I considered Uruz, the wild ox.  It represents determination and, for me, the freedom to be who you really are - your true self.  Uruz recognizes my true self, acknowledges my inner strength (Eihwaz), and promotes my self care (Algiz).  And, through Uruz itself, I give a nod to my determination to improve my physical well-being.

Essentially, this bind Rune embodies the idea of the self caring for the self, because the self recognizes that the self is worth it.

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