Monday, October 6, 2014

Runes 402 - Rune Dialogues - Learning New Tricks

I've never been a fan of the saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks", especially when you're talking about teaching a human new tricks... or skills.  I think, in most cases, if you are committed to learning something, "you can learn whatever you set your mind to".  It's a much more empowering line of thought anyway.

I entered into a dialogue with the Runes about the idea of learning new tricks, because I wanted to know what drives us to learn new things, what barriers we put up for ourselves along the way, and how to overcome them.

Note the sword shape of the Runes as
they were laid out during the dialogue
Me:  Do you believe that people can learn whatever they set their minds too?

Runes:  Sowilo is a good place to start.  It gives cause for hope.

Me:  Thank you for starting us on this positive note.  Sowilo does lift the spirit.  It is a very positive and empowering Rune.  So, does it give us incentive to try something new?  That is to say it important to have the incentive if we want to be successful?

Runes:  You must have a desire to accomplish it, for it is akin to undertaking a journey.  Raido tells us that.  Raido also reminds us that such journeys are not always easy.

Me:  But, once we complete them, the results are satisfying.

Runes:  That is not always the case.  Tiwaz shows us that there is always some sacrifice that must be made.  As the warrior Rune, it is also good to have here, because you need to remember that you are capable of completing the task, that it will not necessarily be easy or as easy as you hope, and that there may be times when you want to quit, but those are the times you need to be strongest to see the journey through to the end.  If nothing else, you can say you completed the task before you.

Me:  That is an important reminder; thank you.  When things become challenging or we consider quitting, what can help us to continue?

Runes:  Fehu is the reward.  It is wealth in some form, whether it be financial riches or something else.  Sometimes we think you undertake new things for some sort of financial compensation, but, in the end, the actual reward can be a friendship that develops along the way.  It can be discovering a new way to do something, it can help you to better understand an aspect of who you are or make you realize that the mental, emotional or spiritual growth from the experience is what matters the most.

Me:  That is a great way to view the experience and to remind us to keep our expectations open.  I appreciate that guidance.  Along the way, we may come up against barriers.  I think we are more determined to overcome the barriers placed in front of us by others than we are those we place in front of ourselves.  What can we do to overcome internal blocks?

Runes:  For this, I give you three Runes - Wunjo, Uruz, Isa.  When you undertake something new, it is because you believe that by mastering it or gaining a better understanding of it, you will be more content.  It is important to remember that ideal.  When you set out on Raido's journey, you feel empowered by Sowilo's light and that energy carries you forward for a while.  Part of what drives you forward is Uruz.  Uruz is strong and free; in some ways fearless, but sometimes a pause is required to examine the steps you are taking on the path to make sure you are going in the right direction and how quickly you should move forward.  Isa gives you the time you need, the pause.  You must remember that it is okay to sit and contemplate before taking another step.  The trick is not to sit for too long.  Hesitation for too long can prove to be the biggest barrier to completing a task; it allows fear to develop and creates a snowball effect that can stifle the entire process.

Me:  That is great advice; thank you.  Will you show me Jera now to remind me that learning something new is a process.

Runes:  No, but it is good that you realized Jera is part of it.  Learning something new takes time and Jera is definitely about that.  What I give you here, though, is Ehwaz, to remind you of a few other equally important things.  No matter what you are doing, you are not alone and Ehwaz symbolizes relationships and partnerships.  Do not be afraid to ask for help.  It is also about loyalty and how you get from point A to point B.  At its most basic, Ehwaz is the horse, an extremely important mode of transportation and a loyal companion.

Me:  I appreciate your wisdom.  Is there any final information you would like to share?

Rune:  Ansuz.

Me:  Of course, wisdom, communication.  All important things to bear in mind as we endeavor to learn new tricks.  We gain wisdom through these experiences and the benefits and experience will be greater if we communicate through the process.  Thank you for your wisdom.


  1. Lovely insights, thanks for sharing! I like that sword-shaped layout. Will try it soon for myself :)

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I am glad you liked the post. I should say though that I did not set out to do a sword-shaped layout. The Runes came one at a time until the three, so it seemed that they should go in a single line. Let me know how your experience with it goes!