Monday, April 14, 2014

Runes 403 - Rune Interpretations - Achieving Goals

The way we achieve goals changes depending on any number of variables, such as how long it will take.  Our mental and emotional state can impact our success and stress levels related to obtaining them.  Even our age can affect how we achieve goals.  With this understanding in mind, I used a Norn cast and asked the Runes about achieving goals.

I drew Dagaz, Mannaz, and Hagalaz.  What was most interesting about this draw was that I could see how the results affected at least two aspects of achieving goals - the way we achieve them changes with age (and experience/wisdom) and that we approach short, mid, and long terms goals differently.

Norn Cast for achieving goals

What a wonderful first Rune!  Using Urd to represent both our past/youth and short-term goals, I drew Dagaz.  The Rune of the day represents both of these "Urd attributes" perfectly.  Dagaz is a very positive and uplifting Rune, shedding hope through its light. This characteristic applies easily to youth.  When we are young, we are much more optimistic and willing to take risks.  There is less planning, more leaping and trying new things.  Essentially, it refers to clarity; anything is possible during the day when we can see things clearly. 

However, we can also apply Dagaz to short term goals just as easily.  Short term goals are within our reach; they are manageable.  We can see how to get from point A to point B and, since the path is short, it is much less likely that something is going to disrupt it.  In this way, day sheds light on our path and guides us toward accomplishing those short term goals.  Urd links to this, because just as our past is a stepping stone to our present, so too are our short term goals stepping stones to mid and long terms ones.

When dealing with Verdandi in the present, we become a little more strategic when considering our mid-term goals.  We have gained some experience along the way which we utilize, because now we are really starting to plan for the complexities of life.  Mannaz represents this time and our mid-term goals quite well.

Mannaz is the human Rune.  It incorporates the individual, society, even a higher self.   It is very fitting that, as we get older and have a little life experience under our belts, we become more aware of these different levels of ourselves.  We realize that we do not function in a vacuum, that we are affected by our society and vice versa.  We also seem to become more pragmatic.  While we still take risks, we consider their consequences more than we used to.  That is how Mannaz affects our present self when setting, determining, and achieving goals - through greater contemplation of ourselves as individuals and of that self in the larger picture.

How does Mannaz help us accomplish our mid-term goals?  The same way it helps us understand who we are at this stage.  Mannaz begins to incorporate strategy.  It reminds us of the experiences we've had that brought us to this point and how to use those going forward (having learned from them) .  We know now that everything is not a short term goal and that we can't always jump easily from point A to point B.  By understanding who we are and how we function in the world around us, we can accomplish our mid-term goals despite the twists, turns, and obstacles that will make up the path to getting there.

Hagalaz here, in Skuld's position, is my favorite of this draw.  It explains perfectly what the future should be.  We know it won't be easy (or not as easy as we'd like it to be), but we know that we can continue to build on Mannaz to get through the rough spots.  However, the cool thing about Hagalaz is the second half.  Remember, hail is initially problematic, but once it melts, it provides nourishment.  In a way, Hagalaz takes us back to Dagaz, back to the risks and optimism of youth of the past; it fuels our creativity, creativity that now also benefits from life's experience synchronized with Dagaz by Mannaz.

This sets us up perfectly for achieving long term goals, the ultimate goals we want to accomplish, but whose paths get fuzzier as we look forward.  Despite the fuzziness, we know from our experience with Urd/Dagaz and Verdandi/Mannaz, that those fuzzy spots will become clear; we have the ability  and skills we need (if we believe in ourselves) to achieve these long term goals. If we add the creative juices that Hagalaz unleashes to Dagaz and Mannaz, we allow ourselves to accomplish those goals in intentional and fun ways.

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